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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Raw foods diet site map

Hello friends!

It is time to add a site map to my blog. My website is growing pretty big and I need to keep track of it all.

My main two sites are

Ask me a question for my teleseminar next week,

Here is the marketing ad copy for the teleseminar,
I tried to use some of Joe Vitale's hypnotic copywriting!

Here are a few of my favorite raw gourmet vegetarian and
vegan recipes.

Here is an interview with Cheri Soria, one of the first
raw gourmet chefs->

Here is Nancy Appleton's article "124 Ways
Sugar Ruins Health"

This is my article about alternatives to processed sugar.
Some alternative sweeteners include yacon, raw honey, agave nectar,
dried fruits, berries, and more!

Here is my Thank You link, with links to my
vegetarian diet eBook and teleseminar ad copy,

This article is about fasting. It is written by
Steven A. Bailey, a naturopathic physician who
practices in Portland, Oregon.

"Transform Your Diet and Improve Your
Health In Record Time with Proven, Time-
Tested, Evolutionary Strategies.
Free eBook, eZine, and Articles to
Awaken Your Passion."


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