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Monday, January 16, 2006

Natural Cellular Defense, Important Update

Dear Friend,

Please read this important message from Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) seems to be living up to its name in an extraordinary way. Each week more information is revealed. Anecdotal reports of cancer healing in 2-4 weeks keep occurring.

Additionally several reports suggest that zeolite's outer coat absorbs glucose and has dropped blood sugar by as much as 50 points in 1 hour in cases of serious diabetes.

As the research unfolds for preparing women for pregnancy by removing the 14 major toxins in breast milk, the initial results seem more than extraordinary. The average woman, whether she has been vegan for 15 years or on live foods for 6 years, tests positive for 12-14 toxins in her liver, breast, and brain.

After one week on our 10-day detoxification program while taking 15 drops 4 times a day of NCD, the average decrease in toxins was to 0 to 2 toxins in the liver, breast, and brain with no detoxification symptoms.

One person, who did not take the NCD, had a reduction of only one toxin in the liver, breast, and brain. So far 5 people, which is 100% of those tested with the synergy of our 10-day detoxification & NCD, have gone from 12-14 toxins to 0-2 toxins after only one week.

NCD deserves your attention. Enclosed is a summary of the product and how to order it in the most cost effective way.

I feel it is imperative for us to be aware of the importance of Natural Cellular Defense in our daily health regimen. This is not a short-term supplement, but rather a life-long health remedy. While we continue to live in a toxic environment, we will always need to use this product.

Therefore I suggest that you do not purchase it at the retail price, either through Michael Snyder or through our Waiora International website.

It is for your economic advantage to purchase the product on a wholesale basis, which you can do by enrolling as a distributor. There are two benefits to being a distributor, one being the ability to purchase Natural Cellular Defense on a wholesale basis, which is approximately $12.00 - $15.00 less per bottle than the retail cost; the other benefit is using NCD as an income earning possibility, working together with our Tree of Life organization in sharing this very special and beneficial product with our friends, family, and associates.

For information on becoming an NCD distributor, you can call
** Michael Snyder, President of and leave a message at 503-771-3904
** Online:

May your health, joy, and awareness continue to improve as we heal the planet and ourselves

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D. (H), Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine, Diplomate of Ayurveda, & Director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

Complete Article Online:

Natural Zeolite Product - Summary

This summary details a major breakthrough in detoxifying the human body of the carcinogens, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and overall acid conditions that promote and cause disease.

Some 70,000 chemicals are being dumped into our environment, 65,000 of which are potentially hazardous to our health. We live in a virtual sea of pollutants, and carry many of these toxins within us. They can be found even in unborn children. A 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group identified 287 industrial chemicals in babies’ umbilical-cord blood, including 180 known to cause cancer and 217 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system.

In my research to develop a detoxification system for prospective mothers, I recently learned about a naturally occurring mineral called zeolite, which has a unique, negatively charged, crystalline structure.

Zeolite is formed from the fusion of lava and ocean water, and combines all four elements. I feel that zeolite is an alchemical gift from God. It has been used for more than 800 years in Asia as a remedy for overall health and well-being, and is on the FDA's GRAS list (generally recognized as safe). Zeolite is available commercially in a purified, activated form, in the zeolite product.

The results of research on zeolite are very impressive:

1. Zeolite appears to prevent and may become an important treatment for cancer. In one study, 78 percent of the 65 participants with terminal cancer (all types) are now in complete remission for 12 months (LifeLink Pharmaceuticals, 2005).

2. It has a chelation-like effect in removing heavy metals (particularly lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic), pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, and other toxins from the body. These toxins are strongly correlated with the occurrence of a wide range of diseases, including cancers and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, autism, and dementia.

3. Zeolite also improves liver function, indirectly improving elimination of pesticides, herbicides, and xeno-estrogens.

4. Zeolite appears to block viral replication, and may prove to be a potent anti-viral and general remedy for all viruses. To date, 40 anecdotal cases of herpes zoster have reportedly been healed. Preliminary anecdotal case studies suggest that it may help alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and hepatitis C as well as the common cold and flu.

5. Zeolite's binding power was proven during the Chernobyl disaster, when tons of it were used to remove radioactive cesium and strontium-90 before they contaminated local water systems.

6. Zeolite creates a natural buffer in the system by establishing an
optimal pH level (between 7.35 and 7.45), which in turn activates healthy brain function and a strong immune system.

7. It shows promise as an effective detoxifier for prospective mothers. Recently, at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Zeolite was added to the protocol for the 10-day detoxification program for prospective mothers. In two women who just completed the program, toxins in their breast tissue dropped significantly – from 12 in one and 13 in the other to only two over the course of seven days. Although anecdotal evidence and centuries of use in Asia suggest that zeolite is safe to use even during pregnancy and breastfeeding, its safe use in pregnancy has not been proven in double-blind studies.

8. According to testimonials, zeolite promotes a sense of well-being, clarity, and happiness. It appears to do this as a consequence of eliminating toxins and also, according to preliminary research, by increasing serotonin production. One study suggests that zeolite also helps relieve depression.

9. Anecdotal reports suggest that zeolite increases energy, immune function, and general health.

10. Zeolite neutralizes the formation of nitrosamines in the stomach. Found in processed meats, nitrosamines are one cause of stomach cancer. Another positive effect on the stomach, according to many anecdotal reports, is relief of acid reflux.

11. Testimonials suggest that zeolite captures triggering antigens, which cause allergies, migraines, and asthma, decreasing the rate and severity of these symptoms.

12. Zeolite directly absorbs free radicals and thus decreases free radical activity and damage to the body.

Zeolite is a clear, tasteless, and odorless liquid that, taken daily as oral drops, supports us in living healthy, happy, and active lives in an increasingly toxic world. For information on how to obtain Zeolite or how to become a distributor, please

For Personal Service call Michael Snyder at 503-771-3904 and leave a message on the voice mail. I will return your call as soon as possible.

You can order Zeolite at

(Copyright) Gabriel Cousens & Tree of Life (2006)


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