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Friday, July 15, 2005

Calorie Restriction

Calorie restriction is the only proven way to extend the life-span of all animals. It turns on the anti-aging genes.

A 40% reduction of calories in rats increased the anti-aging genes by 400%! This extends their life-span by more than 50%.

This not only slows down the aging process, it stops and reverses the aging process.

I repeat, it reverses the aging process!

Viktoras Kulvinskas and Gabriel Cousens call this process "Youthing"

I searched for Gabriel Cousens and Youthing and found this great audio interview on the Fashion Tribes blog by Lesley Scott.

Click Here to Listen to the Gabriel Cousens Interview

In the interview Gabriel explains the relationship between living food nutrition and genes.

Here's a little quote,


In Spiritual Nutrition, Cousens explains that, in order to look your best, you need to “feed” your genes to bring about maximum “gene expression.”

While this might sound quite scientific-y, in beauty-speak, it simply means that what you eat really, really matters. “If you eat live foods with lots of phytonutrients, you’re going to turn on the anti-aging gene. You’re going to turn on the anti-inflammatory genes. You’re going to turn on the anti cancer genes.

And, if you eat junk food, you’re going to turn those off.”

By eating correctly – in a way that activates the growth hormone – genes “express” certain enzymes and proteins and create “youthing” – literally turning back the clock to a biologically younger physique.


In addition to eating wholesome foods and ditching the Doritos, one of the keys to anti-aging is to drastically cut down on the amount of calories you eat.

In a recent experiment, rats that had their daily calories cut 40% had whopping 400% increase in their anti-aging genes.

“That’s a pretty important statement because it means we can reverse the aging process,” says Cousens.

“Not that we can slow it down, that’s true, but we can literally reverse it at any age.”

Wouldn’t cutting your daily calorie intake by almost half result in being malnourished?

According to Cousens, the answer is no.

On a live food diet – where nothing is heated above 118 degrees – you can get all the nutrients with half the amount of food.

“When you cook food, you lose 50% of the protein, 70 or 80% of the nutrients, and up to 100% of the phytonutrients. If you aren’t getting enough nutrients, you end up overeating to try to get the nutrients.

So much food is destroyed by cooking, that you have to eat twice as much.

Simple mathematics is that when you eat live food, you can eat half as much, and get all your nutrients.”

But don’t think eating raw food automatically means being sentenced to a life of endless carrot sticks and nasty-ass dry salads.

Cookbooks like Juliano’s Raw, Roxane Klein & Charlie Trotter’s Raw, websites like peddle the most addictive chocolate macaroons ever) and the amazing High, there are tons of delicious options to choose from.

Also, Cousens – a live food adherent for over 20 years who doesn’t believe in “dieting” and weighs what he did in high school – stresses that you don’t be a raw food-Nazi in order to enjoy most of the beauty benefits.

"Don’t be extreme. Go at a rate that you can feel comfortable. First, give up meat, red meat. That has a lot of pesticides and herbicides. Then do fish and chicken, which isn’t too different. Then go to dairy. Then go to grains. Then you’re there.

That may take a year, it may take two years." Regardless, as long as 80% of your diet is living foods, you’ll be reaping the benefits – mind, soul & of course, body.

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