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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Q-Link Technology

Dear friend,

The following is a testimony for our Sympathetic Resonance Q-link Technology and its many benefits in mediating the harmful effects of EMF, for one of our wearers.

For more information on the Q-link Technology go to:

I want to thank you once again for your prompt assistance concerning my need for a new black silk cord for my 2001 Q-Link. Below you will find my initial and continuing experience with this wonderful piece of technology.

I first found out about the Q-Link in 2001 while thumbing through a Tools For Wellness magazine. As I looked at the picture, I knew there was something unique about this thing that looked like a talisman of sort.

I read a brief description of the technology and the fact that electro-magnetic frequencies were the reason for much of the inner conflict we all undergo in this world. EMF pollution was everywhere, and I knew it was time for me to look into this further.

I read about the QLink. This was for me, and I began to save and pool my finances together and send off for my own Q-Link. I could hardly wait to put it on my person, so it could go to work. The price at that time for the black acrylic pendant was $129.00.

Finally, in the mail it came, in a nice package. And when I opened it up and pulled out that beautiful felt, navy pouch, embroidered with the letters, QLINK, I knew this was first class material that wasn't put together in someone's garage.

Inside was that little pouch with the gold cord. I didn't pull out the piece yet. I began reading all about it, what I could expect, and how to take care of it. I then listened to the tape, "Linking Mind & Body with Nature in the Electronic World." That really turned me on. And now I was ready for the initial experience.

I opened the little pouch, pulled out the little treasure, and held it in my hand. I could feel some energy coming from it. So I tied the two ends of the black silk cord together, said a prayer, and then placed it over my head and around my neck.

What I felt and sensed was primarily in the region of my head. Draw a vertical jagged line, and next to it, draw a straight line. My frame of mind, outlook, thought pattern, awareness, coupled with a general worries, anxieties, cares, and overall self image, were that jagged line.

Then, over a period of thirty seconds, all of that underwent a transformation, as the energy began to move up into my head. All the negativity vanished, and positive feelings of wellbeing and completeness took over my being. The jagged line now became a straight line.

My energy field was now full and complete, whereas before, it had numerous gaps. The magnetic aura that surrounded me now was like a protective shield. All due to that Q-Link I had on me. I became focused, confident, poised, worry free, no longer irritable or easily angered. It put me in the 'zone', as you would say.

I've worn it every day now for six years. And I can say the benefits that began when I first put it on, continue today, just the same, and even better. I have found that, the longer you wear the Q-Link, the effects and positive benefits continue to grow and deepen. It is a constant experience that enables you to adapt to all the electro-magnetic radiation around you, without coming under its adverse effects.

The Q-Link is, without any doubt, a dire necessity for every human being on the planet. We have now the greatest degree of EMF the world has ever known. It's coming from every direction and pulsating through the atmosphere around us. People are being bombarded. And it's affecting their lives much more than they realize. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and not to mention all the stress.

Don't hesitate to purchase the Q-Link for yourself and your family. It will do wonders for you in many ways. You will feel much better knowing you have a shield of protection around your body, to counteract that harmful radiation coming from all those electric appliances, computers, cell phones, electronic devices, lights, etc. Wear it all the time. It will bring harmony into your being.

I could just go on and on. I'm very thankful for my Q-Link. You might say a prayer for me to be able to get the latest SRT 3 Q-Link. I've been to the site, and it looks sleek. And I understand it's even stronger than the original. Thanks again for the cord.

Kind Regards,

Frank McAnally

For more information on the SRT Q-link Technology go to:

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