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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What No One's Telling You About Your Glasses

Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Despite the fact that many people, after their eye exams, go
out and buy glasses or contacts, there are things the general
population hasn't been told.

You see, no matter what your current condition, the continued
use of corrective lenses can actually contribute to the
deterioration of your vision. This is because corrective lenses
are a crutch that your eyes are trained to rely upon.

As a result, it is difficult to strengthen your eyes if
you are constantly supporting them by external means (i.e.,
glasses or contacts). Actually, research shows that glasses
and contacts can rapidly *worsen* your vision.

These facts are supported by the studies of two respected eye
doctors. Here's what they have to say about the use of
corrective lenses.

* Dr. M. H. Birnbaum states in the Review of Optometry,
"Single-vision minus lenses for full-time use produce
accommodative insufficiency associated with additional
symptoms until the patient gets used to the lens. This
is usually accompanied by a further increase in myopia
and the cycle begins anew."

* Dr. Samuel Druker writes in the Optical Journal Review,
"From a clinical point of view, the conclusion would
seem inescapable that minus lenses are an important
factor among the causes of progressive myopia."

In other words, glasses and contacts can actually make your
vision worse over time. Is that something you want to risk with
your eyesight?

Think about it...

Have you ever gone in for an eye exam and heard the doctor
say, "Great news! Your vision's improved another 2.0 diopters
-- those glasses are really helping!"

I didn't think so!

Glasses are a "prescription," and, like a prescription drug,
they can be abused.

So what can you do?

Pay close attention...

You need to learn how to use your glasses so that they don't
contribute to further vision loss. And here's how...

Let's say, for example, that you're nearsighted (unable to see
distant objects clearly) and you are reading this e-mail with
your glasses on. Do you really need them, or did you just forget
about them being on your face?

By wearing your glasses you could be doubling the effects of
"near-point stress."

The American Optometric Association hails near-point stress as
one of the major causes of nearsightedness and its further
progression. And by wearing your glasses, you're doubling the
effects of it -- ouch!

Essential Tip #1:

Throughout the day, think of your glasses as a tool and use
them that way -- when you need them.

Put a piece of masking tape with a reminder on the base of your
computer screen. Write a reminder on your bookmark.

Essential Tip #2:

If you can't see the computer screen without glasses, try
enlarging the font on your internet browser.

To do this, hold the CTRL key down while scrolling your
mouse wheel away from you (the small wheel on top of the mouse
that scrolls the page up and down.)

Each scroll forward will increase the page and font size by
one. To reduce the font size simply continue to hold the CTRL key
and scroll the opposite direction (towards you).

These small steps will go a long way in preserving your vision
for years to come.

To your vision -- for life,

Orlin Sorensen

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