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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Raw Diet Newsletter July 2006

Dear Raw Food Enthusiast,


***Welcome to the Health Evolution!***
Volume 2, Issue 7 -
Thursday, July 6, 2006

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Table of Contents:

1.0 Welcome Notes- 'I Beat Obesity' Teleseminar Recording

2.0 Article: Excerpts from "The Health Evolution" eBook
by Mike Snyder and Paul Nison
(c) 2006 by and

3.0 Recipe: Mashed Taters



I hope your summer is off to a great start!

You may read The July 2006 Raw Vegan Diet Newsletter at

The recording of my teleseminar with Carlene Jones is finally ready. I had
some problems with the recording and it took me a while to edit.

Carlene beat obesity simply by eating a raw vegan diet.

Carlene and I will be hosting another teleseminar in the next couple of weeks.
Be on the lookout for my announcement!

The audio is available at

In this audio, Carlene discusses how raw foods saved her life. She reveals the
diet she ate to lose 140 pounds in 9 months. She is now off all her
medications and disease free!

Carlene's websites are 'Raw Food Boot Camp for the Obese' and 'I Beat Obesity with The Raw Vegan Diet'


2. Featured Article

This is an excerpt from 'The Health Evolution' eBook by Michael Snyder
and Paul Nison:



What are some good sources of fats?

Paul Nison:

Well hempseed oil is a great source of fat. You could just take a tablespoon of
hempseed oil every day and that’s fine. Avocados are a great source. Olives
are a good source. There are many different sources. Even coconut oil and
durian are good sources.


So hempseed is okay?


Hempseed is excellent. That is one of the most perfect foods for man. It has
all the essential fatty acids and it has chlorophyll. It’s a great food and it tastes


You can’t get high from it? There was a controversy about that.


No, you can not. There’s no controversy with people who know what is going
on. It’s impossible. The only high you are going to get is feeling great health-


What are some good tools and techniques for detoxification?

Paul Nison:

We have control over how quickly or slowly we detox depending on how much
food and the density of the foods that we put in our bodies.

The quickest and easiest way would be water fasting. The next best way,
which would be a little slower but would still be cleansing, would be juicing.

I don’t recommend fruit juice. I recommend the green juices.

The next best way after that would be a blended diet, which is having all your
foods blended.

The next best way after that, which would be a little less in the amount of time
but still cleansing would be a mono diet of eating just one food at a time.

Then the next best way after that might be having properly combined raw food.

Then after that it might be improperly combined raw foods. You are
continually cleansing as long as you are eating raw foods.

But when you stop eating the raw foods and start eating the cooked foods
that is when your body shuts down and it has to go more in a defensive mode
instead of a cleansing mode.


Do you think there is a potential for increased dental problems in people
eating a living foods diet?


No, not at all. Raw and living foods have nothing to do with dental problems.
The problem is people aren’t taking care of themselves.

They are overeating or eating too much fruit or unripe fruit. These are the
things that are going to cause dental problems.

It’s not going to be raw foods. If you are eating ripe, organic raw foods and
you aren’t overeating on one particular food you aren’t going to have any
problems at all and all your problems are going to clear up.

If you are experiencing any problems on a raw diet it just means that you aren’
t paying attention to one of those factors. Just eat a good variety of different
fruits and vegetables and you will be fine. They come in at different seasons.
you want to eat the foods that are in season. For example you can’t eat
cherries the whole year. You can only eat them when they are in season. You
might be able to get them out of season, but you don’t want to.

They aren’t going to taste as good, and they aren’t going to have many
nutrients. And they are going to be way too expensive. So it’s different
seasons for different foods.

So you want to realize that. And even though apples might be in season all
year you don’t want to eat apples every day. Some days you might want to eat
oranges or cherries or berries.

Eat a good variety. I think you need greens every day unless you are fasting.


Do you think sea vegetables are an important addition to the diet?


When I interviewed people in my first three books, they were people who had
been eating this way for a very long time.

Not all of them, but a majority of them all said that the most important food in
the diet was sea vegetables, also known as seaweed. The reason why they
say it is so important is that the food grown today even on organic soil is
demineralized because of hybridization and the environment and also the lack
of the nutrients in the soil.

It doesn’t have the amount of minerals it should, so many people suffer from a
mineral deficiency. We can get that from something, but sea vegetables are
loaded with many minerals that can’t be found in today’s foods. It is definitely


You seem to be indicating maybe there is something of a problem with fruit. A
holistic doctor has told me based on my blood type, which is O+, that too
much fruit, even raw, is not good for me. Sugar is a problem for me. You seem
to be indicating that as well. Could you maybe speak about that?


Sure. The problem is not fruit. This comes from the same analogy that no one
ever died form smoking a cigarette. People die from living on cigarettes.

The problem is not food. The problem is that people abuse it.

Now I don’t believe in a blood type diet at all. I know it’s not true because I
know people who are type O and they are thriving on a vegetarian diet. There
are a lot of other problems with that book, The Blood Type Diet, but that is
beside the point.

If anyone eats a small amount of food in the highest quality possible they are
going to be okay. But when they start abusing the fruit that is when it becomes
a problem.

Fruit sugar ferments, just like any other sugar, and it creates harmful gases.
And if we are eating too much the body gets constipated and that gets these
gases back up into the blood creating even more problems.

There are a lot of books out there talking about the alkaline/acid balance in
the body, or the Ph balance. Well, it all comes down to the oxygen in our
system. Fermentation is going to create less oxygen in our system and more
toxic gasses.

Everyone could eat fruit, but living on fruit and mostly on fruit I won’t
recommend. I think you can do fine with some fruits but you should be eating
far more fat and greens than the fruit.


What about raisins and dried figs and things?


Dried fruit I would be very careful with. One of the problems with cooked foods
is we take the water out of the food.

The big problem with dehydrated food as well is we are taking the liquid out of
the food. That makes it harder for the body to digest the food.

We want to keep things working easy for the body. We don’t want to make
things work harder.

It’s like taking gas, which is a liquid, and mixing it with sticky, slimy stuff and
putting it in the gas tank. The car will still run but it’s going to cause it to have
to work a little harder.

We want to keep things working as simple as possible. The best foods for our
bodies are the foods with the most liquid in them. So that means the worst
foods would have the least liquid in them.

If you are going to eat dried foods it is best to soak them first for a little while
to get the liquid back in them.

I’m not saying to never eat dried fruit. Some people especially starting on the
raw diet, dried fruit is much better than eating a chicken or a pizza. But we
each have to see where we are at.

If you have been eating the raw food diet for 20 years and you are eating a
pound a day then that is not a good thing. But if you have just switched from
MacDonald’s and you eat a pound a day that might be a step in the right

You have to look where you are going. But for the most part you want to try to
avoid dried fruit because it is so condensed the fruit sugar.


I agree with what you are saying. It is my belief as the creations that we are
that anything that is raw is basically food and is edible.

But it was interesting that this week, Monday, I think, in USA Today there was
an article about dieting and how when you live near starvation it is the
healthiest according to the studies.

They have done studies with rats and mice and other animals and the less
they were fed the longer they lived and the healthier they were. How do we
determine what that level of intake is?


It really depends on what the food is. A body doesn’t know what it is getting.
All it knows is that it takes what it needs and gets rid of the rest.

The key to good health is to take in as much nutrients as possible while
expending as little energy to do it. So if we eat something like a raw carrot
right out of the ground there is a tremendous amount of stuff we can use and
very little to get rid of.

If we eat something like a carrot cake it might have a little bit of things we
need and a lot more to get rid of. So we want to get our foods as high quality
as possible.

The higher the quality of the food that we eat the less the amount we need
because we are getting so much from what we are eating. If we eat a low
quality food our body is going to continuously crave more food because we
aren’t getting it the nutrients that it needs.

So we shouldn’t be looking in terms of how much we need. We should be
looking more in terms of the quality of the food. That is what I don’t think
people are doing enough of.

In my new book Health According to the Scriptures I talk about it. I have
read many books over the years but the book I resourced for this recent book
that I did was the greatest health book ever written. I recommend everyone
check it out.

It talks about raw foods and about how we should eat it, when we should eat it,
and it is excellent. I’m not pushing my spiritual beliefs on anyone. I’m just
telling you that if you want to read the best health book ever written, read the

You will see some amazing information on the amount of fruits and vegetables
we should eat, the times we should eat it, the amount of exercise we should
do, and the amount of rest we should have.

I pulled these out and put them in my new book so if you haven’t already I
suggest you check that out...

The rest of this article is found in my raw foods eBook, 'The Health Evolution'




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3. Featured Recipe: Mashed Taters


1 c cauliflower
1 c pine nuts, unsoaked
1/2 c macadamia nuts, unsoaked
3 T olive oil
1 T Italian seasoning
1/2 T garlic, minced
1/2 t Celtic salt
Fresh ground black pepper to taste

Process in a food processor with the "S" blade until all ingredients are
smooth. Add a little water if needed to achieve consistency. Serves 4

Mashed Taters Recipe from "Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine" by Dr. Gabriel Cousens


Thank you and have a great day!

To your great health,

Mike Snyder

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