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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Liquid Activated Zeolite: Your First Line of Defense Against "Body Burden"

This is a great article by Declan Owens. He has conducted some great research into Waora's NCD Natural Cellular Defense.

This article was originally published in New Connextion magazine, my favorite magazine in Portland, OR. It is available to read on Mike Snyder's The Raw Foods Diet website:

"Scientists describe the heavy load of chemicals found in the average person as a "Body Burden." Even before our children are born, unsuspecting mothers pass on synthetic chemicals and heavy metals of all kinds through the umbilical cord. A recent study by the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental research organization based in Washington, DC, detected 287 commercial chemicals, pesticides and pollutants in the umbilical cord blood of 10 newborn infants, randomly selected by the Red Cross from U.S. hospitals.

The finding of these chemicals in the bloodstreams of the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society raises issues of substantial importance to public health and points to the need for major reforms to the nation's laws that aim to protect the public from chemical exposures. (See

Researchers from MD Anderson, the University of Texas Cancer Center in Houston, claim that over 75% of cancers are caused by toxins. The Institute of Neurobiology in January 2006 presented research to show a direct correlation between the amount of amalgam fillings in a pregnant mother’s mouth, and the chances of her child going on to develop autism. Could there really be a link? The definitive answer is YES.

While it is difficult to measure a precise picture of human contamination (because chemical companies are not required to report to the EPA how their compounds are used nor are they responsible for monitoring where their products end up in the environment) the above cited study does give us much reason to be concerned and certainly would explain why such a high percentage of the public are suffering today from chronic diseases.

The chemicals we cannot naturally eliminate end up accumulating in our bodies, and this growing body burden works to poison our tissues and cause or exacerbate disease.

So what can we do?

The main thing is to educate yourself in prevention - the food you eat, the household items you use to clean, deodorants, makeup and increasingly the dangers of EMF’s. Limiting your intake or exposure is the best proactive approach. Did you know that "Non-toxic" written on a label, for example, means that potentially 49% of people tested could have had a toxic side effect from the product? Always look for "Toxin Free" to ensure safety.

Until now traditional detoxification modalities centered on chelation with pharmaceutical grade EDTA, DMPS or DMSA. These are taken either orally or by injection, and have the power to bind with metals and move them out of the tissues. In this process, metals enter the bloodstream from various tissues, and for a time they circulate in the blood before they can be escorted out of the body.

This is the danger phase, in which the metals can re-deposit in new areas causing a new and potentially more damaging symptom. Other detoxification supplements include Vitamin C, Chlorella and cilantro. These have only one binding site and so they are not really classed as chelators, which have two.

What’s new today, and is a liquid mineral supplement whose active ingredient is a porous volcanic ash called zeolite. Originally patented as an anti-cancer product, it is already being used as a powerful adjunct to traditional chelation. This is not a new substance. A micronized-powdered form has been used for centuries throughout Asia, where the story of the “healing volcanic rocks” has been passed down from generation to generation. In fact, tons of zeolite was dropped at the Chernobyl site in 1986 to soak up the radioactive toxic waste.

The breakthrough is the manner in which this particular zeolite is activated. It is cleaned through a proprietary process and suspended in an ionic solution where the zeolite is in single, di- and tri-molecular form. These small negatively charged particles can now enter the bloodstream where they go to work like "molecular vacuum cleaners". Their honeycomb framework of cavities and channels work at the cellular level trapping and removing allergens, heavy metals and harmful toxins.
Case Study – Reynolds Children

Paul and Susanna Reynolds are Rolfers/Massage practitioners in Seattle. Susanna specializes in CranioSacral work and is also a qualified Waldorf teacher. The children are Waldorf educated, good students and athletes, all three were home births, not vaccinated and they are a 100% natural and organic food family.

When their 3 children began exhibiting random unexplained symptoms – such as moving pain and numbness, emotional swings and headaches – it took Paul and Susanna about a year to identify the source of the problems as heavy metal toxicity, with the help of their family healthcare practitioner, Julie Anderson ARNP.

"We found out the kids had extremely high levels of several heavy metals. We were quite alarmed at the severity of the toxicity levels, as we are a typical holistic Seattle family, and we’ve always taken steps to keep toxicity levels down."

"Julie helped us out with specific supplementation to support the organs and overall health – but we were reluctant to begin a traditional chelation program. In the fall we heard about NCD, a liquid zeolite product from a friend who specializes in natural anti-cancer therapies. He assured us that it was safe, and after checking it out we set up a one-month trial, including before and after heavy metal tests. The results were spectacular."

Prior to taking the zeolite the kids tests showed abnormally high readings in mercury, aluminum, and lead, and high readings of cadmium and arsenic. The worst affected by the toxins was 10-yar old Mairead, who would often complain of pain and numbness in varying parts of her body. These pains had gone undiagnosed by all practitioners, and although she received acupuncture regularly for pain management and well being, the symptoms always returned. The two other children, Leila and John, also showed abnormally high readings, although the effect the toxins had on their bodies was less apparent.

The children took 8 drops of NCD (Natural Cellular Defense) 3 times daily and continued with this protocol for 21 days when their heavy metal levels were retested. After retesting, the mercury, lead and aluminum levels had dropped by more than 65% and some of the lower level toxins had flat lined. There were no noticeable or mentioned side effects during this treatment, and since the test results on 5th December 2005, Mairead and siblings have remained symptom and pain free. They continue a daily preventative use of 5 drops three times daily.

Julie Anderson, ARNP, skeptical at first about the efficacy of the product, has seen enough to warrant her adding it to her detox protocol. She continued, "At last we have a relatively inexpensive natural product that can safely and effectively eliminate toxins from the body. There is absolutely no reason why every family should not incorporate this product into their wellness protocol."

Julie Anderson, ARNP can be reached in Seattle at - 206-760-9266 or

What can legally be said and claimed?

The commercial nutritional version of this product is based on extensive research conducted by reputable and innovative scientists and is protected by U.S. Patent No. 6,288,045. The Activated Liquid Zeolite is 100% natural and safe for long term use as an oral supplement that has been proven to remove heavy metals and toxins, balance your body’s pH and support a healthy immune system. It is not cytoxic to healthy human cells.

One completed study by Harve Kaufman, Ph.D., the researcher who spent 11 years developing the original zeolite product, was based on 65 Stage IV cancer patients, all had been treated by Western medicine and had been told they had less than 6 weeks to live. Fifteen months after the study began, 51 of the 65 patients - 78% - were still alive, and all 51-tested negative for cancer. They were in complete remission.

This is only one relatively small study, but it certainly warrants further investigation.

What other medical professionals are saying.

"Tests strong in every case. A first step in even the most compromised situations. We’ve seen results where none are expected, and recommend the Patented Liquid Zeolite highly to all of our Doctors and patients."
- Dr. Dan Gleeson DC, DIBAK.

"This product provides a simple, natural, and highly effective way to detoxify the body. I have seen phenomenal broad spectrum results in my practice in the first few weeks of providing this product to my patients." Dr. Tom Zorich DC, Rocklin, CA

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