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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

zeolite and colon cancer

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This is a heart-warming story. I want to explain to the new people that for testimonials we are using the term "activated liquid zeolite" instead of using the name of the product or company so that we cannot be construed as making claims of cures. (Only the drug companies can say their drugs cure anything.)

You know what product we're talking about. When we cleanse and alkalize the body, healing happens. We have in our hands what I and many people believe to be the world's best product for doing just that. Read on. And I'd love to receive your success story.



Metastasized Colon Rectal Cancer

I am a 53 year old female who 6 months ago would have never believed I would be living and giving my testimony.

In 1974 I had a kidney transplant in which one of my (7) siblings gave me a kidney. Her kidney matched as though we were identical twins. She gave me a gift of life.

In March, 1995 I was diagnosed with Colon Rectal Cancer, which was caused by an anti-rejection drug that suppresses the immune system to help my body not to reject my new kidney. I began radiation and chemotherapy. I was burned from the radiation and very sick from the chemo and told myself I would never take another treatment. My cancer was in remission.

In March, 1999 the cancer was back, Squamous Cell Carcinoma. I could not have any more radiation since my body had had enough. I was given the strongest Chemo they could give at a University Hospital and I could only have (3) treatments.

The first treatment made me deathly sick and within 7 days I lost all my hair. Another CT scan was taken and my tumor had gotten larger. Treatment was stopped. I was devastated!!!!! My surgeon at the University Hospital met with a team of specialists and took my case to the tumor board. The only thing left to do was surgery to reroute my bowels and remove the tumor. Now I have a colostomy but the cancer was gone.

My case was not an easy case because they were trying everything to protect my transplanted kidney and my body could not take any more.

In April, 2005 a CT scan was taken, another tumor was found in the same area. A PET scan was done and more bad news. I was told that lesions were on my liver, lungs and in my bones. I was diagnosed stage 4 cancer and I was sent home to spend my last days. Hospice was called in.

March, 2006 I started activated liquid zeolite, doing the rapid detox. One month later about 8 PM I was deathly sick and unresponsive for 2 days. Hospice called my family in. My vital signs were all out of whack. All my medicines were stopped and 2 days later I was up wondering what was going on. Why was everyone at my house and so upset? August 15th, 2006, another CT scan was taken and I went to the doctor August 16, 2006 along with my 2 sisters.

The doctor walked into my room and said, "You are not supposed to be here. I don't understand what is going on. I don't know what you are doing or what you have done but don't stop. All your blood work is good and the tumor is gone."

We told him about activated liquid zeolite. My sister showed him the bottle. He wrote it down on my chart and was lost for words. He said "Lets check you in 6 months." He even told me he would go on the Oprah show with me. He gave me a hug to congratulate me and said, "Come on and lets tell the whole staff the good news of you being cancer free."

I know this sounds to good to be true but Thanks to the good Lord above, all the prayers, and the liquid zeolite I have a chance at life again and to watch my 3 grandchildren grow up.

Vivian B., Dothan, Alabama


The statements on this page are for educational purposes only. This information is not to be interpreted as a claim of cure or treatment, and has not been endorsed nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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