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Friday, May 06, 2016

Super Angel Plus Juicer on sale

The Super Angel stainless steel juicer has a new lower price at The Raw Diet Health Shop!

Normally $1,300 , the Super Angel Plus juicer is on sale for $1,150 total, free shipping and no taxes!

The Plus model is the new and improved version of the Super Angel model 5500. The model 5500 has been discontinued and is no longer available.

The Super Angel Plus is identical to the Super Angel Pro 7500 juicer.

The only difference is the Plus has a manual reverse feature, while the Pro 7500 has an automatic reverse feature.

It is rare for the juicer to  jam up or stop. If this happens, you simply use the manual reverse to clear the jam.

Click here to view the new Super Angel Plus Stainless Steel Juicer!

The Super Angel is the best juicer on the market. It will give you a quality of juice comparable to the $2500 Norwalk Press Juicer, and the Super Angel Plus is much easier to use and clean!

For a limited time, I am offering exclusive bonus gifts with the Super Angel juicer. These include eBooks and audio recordings I made on juicing, juice recipes, wheatgrass juice, growing sprouts, and juice fasting.

To your great health,

Mike Snyder


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