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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New articles on sweeteners, fats, and recommended books

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Here is a list of raw books with info on`diets, fasting, natural hygiene, food combining, vegan foods, vegetarian recipes, raw and living foods, and much more!
I even have food, such as raw cashews, agave nectar, goji berries, raw almonds, raw almond butter, ect..
Check out Michael Snyder's Recommended Books

Dr. Flora did a teleseminar with me, it was amazing! She discussed wheatgrass juice, energy soup, and how Ann Wigmore got to a space where she didn't need sleep!
Listen to the 2nd half of Dr. Flora's teleseminar.

Here is my latest article about the role of omega-3 fats in the raw vegan diet.

My article on healthy sweeteners and sugar substitutes,

My teleseminar with Alex, the Raw Guru, and Bryan, author of Raw in Ten Minutes,

My raw foods ebook is finally ready! Be the first one on your block to own a copy.

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