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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Minerals and Raw Foods

"Minerals: The Foundation of Health"
By Michael Snyder
© 2006

A mineral-rich raw foods diet is the
secret to optimal health. Minerals are
the key to creating a healthy, disease-
resistant, and youthful body.

Our bodies are built from minerals and
water. All of the body’s activities
requires mineral to function properly.

Many of the health challenges faced today
are the results of a mineral deficiency.

According to the official U.S. Senate
Document No. 264, “99 percent of American
people are deficient in minerals, and a
marked deficiency in any one of the more
important minerals actually results in

Nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling wrote

“You can trace every sickness, every
disease, and every ailment, ultimately,
to a mineral deficiency.”

Read on to discover the best way to
mineralize the body.

Eating a diet rich in fresh, raw, ripe,
and organic foods is the best way to
ensure you are receiving adequate minerals.

High mineral foods are discussed below,
including two food groups that contain
all 90 minerals!

Mineral supplements are also beneficial
if they are properly prepared.

Mineral Size

The minerals found in soil and sea water
are too big for our bodies to absorb.

They must first be transformed and chelated
by plants into a smaller size.

A chelated mineral is one that is absorbed
from the soil through the roots of a plant.

In this process, the minerals become
smaller than a micron.

A micron is a unit of length equal to one
millionth [10(-6)] of a meter.

If a mineral is larger than a micron, it
will be absorbed into our bloodstream and
not into our cells. The large minerals
will cause a toxic build up and become
deposited into our tissues.

The minerals must be smaller than a micron
for our cells to assimilate and utilize them.

The human body cannot properly utilize a
mineral unless it is in a colloidal (less
than 0.5 micron in size) state or angstrom
(one-thousandth of a micron) state.

Essential Minerals

There are a total of 90 minerals, and 23
of them are essential for optimal health.

A deficiency of even one of the 23 could
lead to disease.

Mineral deficiency is a serious problem
in today’s society. Many of the processed
foods consumed in the Western diet are
low in minerals and they will create a
mineral deficiency.

Foods such as white flour, refined sugar,
soda pop, and processed grains will leech
minerals out of the bones, teeth, and skin.

Mineral-Rich Foods

Choices for food selection include non-
organic commercially grown foods,
organically grown foods, and wild foods.

Studies have found that wild foods have
the highest nutrient and mineral content,
followed by organic foods, with commercial
foods coming in last.

All fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds
contain minerals.

Green leafy vegetables are the best
source of alkaline minerals and are
probably the most important food group.

Kale is one of the most mineral rich greens.

Blending and juicing the greens is an
excellent way to consume them because
the food is liquefied and easily absorbed.

Eating foods such as green smoothies, Ann
Wigmore Energy Soup, and green juices
make it easy to consume large quantities
of greens.

Some of the best foods are found in the
ocean, which contains all 90 minerals.

Dr. Maynard Murry wrote a book titled
“Sea Energy Agriculture” in which he
discusses a very significant discovery.

If the ocean water is placed onto soil
directly, it will kill the plants. If the
ocean water is diluted with fresh water,
it may be used to water plants and

This will replenish all the missing minerals
in the soil.

Plants fed the ocean water solution are
strong, healthy, and disease resistant.

Animals fed these plants become resistant
to disease.

The sea vegetables are a very important
addition to the diet because they contain
all 90 minerals found in the ocean.

In author Paul Nison’s contribution to my
eBook, he said:

“When I interviewed people in my first
three books, they were people who had
been eating this way for a very long time.

Not all of them, but a majority of them
all said that the most important food in
the diet was sea vegetables, also known
as seaweed.

The reason why they say it is so important
is that the food grown today even on
organic soil is demineralized because of
hybridization and the environment and
also the lack of the nutrients in the soil.

It doesn’t have the amount of minerals it
should, so many people suffer from a
mineral deficiency. Sea vegetables are
loaded with many minerals that can’t be
found in today’s foods.

It is definitely helpful.

We want to make sure we are getting our
minerals. By far the cheapest and best
way to do it is sea vegetables.

A lot of people have a tough time getting
adjusted to the taste of sea vegetables,
but I think if you stick with it there are
tremendous, truly delicious things you
can make with sea vegetables that I’ve
learned and tasted over the years."

And I never liked sea food before, so I’m
saying that they could be made delicious...”

The most popular sea veggie is dulse
because of it’s high mineral content and
soft, tender leaves.

To eat the dulse, soak in water for a few
minutes to soften it up. Use the soak
water on your house plants and garden.

Other sea veggies, such as kelp, laver,
sea palms, wakame, and nori, should be
soaked for a little longer.

The most mineral rich land food is wheatgrass.

Grass will hold all 90 minerals if they
are present in the soil.

All 90 minerals are also found in Celtic
Sea Salt and Himalayan salt. The minerals
are angstrom-sized and easily absorbed by
our bodies.

Almost all supplements on the market
contain minerals which are too big to
be absorbed into our cells.

When purchasing mineral supplements they
should be either angstrom-sized or
chelated and colloidal.

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