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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Heartburn and Sports Drinks

One of the best ways to heal heartburn and acid reflux gerd is to eat a vegan raw and living foods diet.

Heartburn usually occurs because of an acid system, because of indigestion, and because the digestive track does not make enough hydrochloric acid.

The best heartburn treatment is to drink celery juice, and eat digestive enzymes.

When drinking celery juice, you should make a juice blend with 30% celery, 30% cucumber, 30% leafy greens, and 10% carrot. This blend supplies almost every nutrient and amino acid your body needs. The sodium in the celery will calm down the heartburn and help you make hydrochloric acid.

A question from one of my subscribers:
Are sports drinks like gateraide healthy?

No, the sports drinks are not healthy. They are high in processed sugar and they are acidic. They speed up the aging process.

To maintain energy levels during sports, you can eat a little fruit before so your body will have enough sugar. You could eat some fruit half-way through the
soccer game (such as oranges), and then eat another piece or two of fruit after the game to replenish the sugar levels.

The quickest way to replenish the sugar and electrolytes is to blend up a bananna or two with celery and water. This will give you all the sodium and potassium you need.

You could also soak dried fruits such as raisins and apricots in water, and drink the water during the game.

Fresh juice is also a good option if you can make it before the game.

If you shop at a health food store, you may be able to find a high quality organic juice that you can drink during the game. It may be healthier than the gateraide.

You may also want to add a high quality green superfood powder to your water after the game to replenish vitamins and minerals. The green superfood powders will help your body become alkaline. Our bodies pH needs to be alkaline at 7.4. Most people have an acidic pH below 6. Disease begins to occur when our pH is lower than 7. You can test your pH with a pH strip at your health food store.

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Mike Snyder
Owner, The Raw Foods Diet Health Shop and Newsletter