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Friday, December 02, 2005

Body Electronics

Do you believe in miracles?

Would you like to discover a unique system for creating healing miracles using the science of bodily regeneration?

This is your invitation to join me on Tuesday for the next edition of my internet radio show.

Some of the topics we will cover:

* What is “Body Electronics” (BE) and how does it cover every imaginable trauma and illness?

* How to create healing miracles in your life

* Why a vegetarian raw foods diet is the foundation to self-healing.

* End your confusion over minerals:

What are our mineral needs? What are the high mineral foods? What are the differences between chelated, colloidal, m-state, and angstrom minerals?

* Are supplements or superfoods necessary for self-healing?

* Secrets to staying on a 100% raw vegan nutritional program through the winter and holidays

* Are there any incurable diseases?

* An exploration of advanced nutrition using herbs, tonics, juices, and homeopathy

* What is healthy drinking water? Unlock the secrets to creating structured, energetic, and living water.

* Techniques to improve your vision, your breathing, and your dental health

* What are the differences between healing crises, detoxification, and disease?

* And much more!

To participate in this class, please register at

My special guest writes:

"Body Electronics is a reliable way to achieve a spectacular level of cure. This program makes medically impossible cures frequent and common rather than rare or unique.

I have witnessed so many frankly “unbelievable-infeasible-impossible” healing events that had these pages started with a catalogue of what I have seen, not many who are reading now would have bothered to scan past page one."

If there are any specific topics you would like me to address in this seminar, simply reply to this email with your question.

Have a great weekend!


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P.P.S. Body Electronics was created by Dr. John W. Ray. The following info is on Vinny's site

In the early days of BE (the 1950s, 1960's, 1970's) John Ray and some folks close to him claimed to have witnessed some massive and miraculous healings due to BE, well beyond the more common healings such as amelioration or remission of cancer or chronic illness (diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, arrythmia) which are commonly associated with switching to raw diets.

Some of these more extreme healings were claimed to include multiple instances of the following, and many allegedly occurred in the span of just a few 2 to 5 hour sessions.

The following healings and others were claimed by John Ray in his audiotape instructional sets on BE, and also in his books, articles, lectures, and videotapes on BE; many were claimed to have happened a number of times.:

* Repair and regeneration of all signs and symptoms of severe scoliosis, resulting in perfect spinal conformance, anatomy, alignment and posture

* Repair and regeneration in one 7-hour session of massive spinal deterioration which had resulted in surgical removal of numerous vertebra and insertion of steel rods in and along the spine; the healings reportedly involved

* Complete "dematerialization of the steel rods" and complete return to normal spinal anatomy and function

* Repair and total regeneration of massive tissue damage due to massive prior heart attacks

* Repair of masive tissue and functional damage done by severe prior electric shock
complete restoration to normal appearance, functioning, and intellectual ability of autistic and Down's Syndrome children

* Repair and total regeneration of freshly broken bones in limbs (arms and legs) within a few hours

* Repair and total regeneration of quadriplegia due to spinal damage

* Rrepair and total regeneration of paraplegia due to spinal damage

* Complete regenration in one or two sessions of massive neurological damage from stroke

* Massive and complete eye color (iris color) change (often seen in the alternative health world as a marker of healing and cleansing of tissue toxins) from dark brown to totally clear blue eyes in one or two weeks or less; sometimes overnight

* Change or restoration of hair color (the entire hair length, from the roots to the tips) from gray to complete restoration of natural color in one session, or at times, one to four weeks of BE work

* Growth of limbs to restore proper limb length in persons who had a leg or arm which had been shorter than the other, in one session

* A lightening not only of iris color (reference above), but also of skin color and natural hair colore, wherein dark hair and skin became lighter as the person healed old traumas and physical damage, including sun damage to skin

As well as the following, which John did mention parenthetically (in later years) as happening only rarely in BE:

* Total regeneration of all teeth, with complete repair of all filled (artificially restored) and empty caries (cavities) lesions, where all prior filings simply "popped out", often overnight

* Total regeneration or replacement of missing teeth, often overnight

Michael Snyder
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Raw and Living Foods

This article on Raw and Living Foods was written by Dr. Ann Wigmore, the "Mother" of the modern raw foods lifestyle.

* The Living Foods Lifestyle is based on one essential principle - Life! Life comes from life.

* The life of our body is the totality of the lives of our individual cells. Lively cells make a lively body. Healthy cells make a healthy body.

* How do we cultivate healthy cells? The principle can be summarized by the "Life and Death Equation", namely:

"Better Health" equals "Life In" plus "Death Out".

In other words: Better Health is the result of putting more Life (Living Nourishment) Into the body and taking Death (Toxic Sludge) Out of the body.

* What does it mean to put Life Into the body? This means that we provide Living Nourishment to our cells. What is Living Nourishment? Simply speaking, it is readily digestible food that hasn't been killed (cooked). Thus we advocate good food served and eaten raw - like crisp colorful salads and fresh ripe fruits and their juices. Sound appetizing? Yumm.

Then how about raw chickens and raw pigs - complete with feathers, hair, bones, and blood? Probably not so appetizing. [Unappetizing for us, perhaps, but not for true animals of prey - true carnivores - with fangs and claws and industrial-strength digestive juices. For such predators these prey would constitute Live Nourishment!]

But what about dairy - milk: "nature's most perfect food"? Well, if it's pasteurized (read: cooked, dead) even a calf can't survive on it. But even in the live, uncooked state - cow's milk and mother's milk are quite different - in fact - they are about as different from each other as calves are from infants! Obviously, one is ideal for baby cows and the other is ideal for baby humans.

"Yes", you might say, "but does every food I eat have to be ideal for me?" Valid question... Straight answer: "Well, no, not really." But, then again, remember that every choice we make has its consequences. Now, certainly it is true that most of us can eat almost anything that we like - and not experience any seriously harmful effects (at least up to age fifty or so). But, on the other hand - if we knew that making certain diet modifications could enable us to live healthy and youthful lives - free from drugs and surgery - well into our eighties, nineties, and beyond - wouldn't it be worth considering such modifications?

The Living Foods program advocates a variety of fruits, vegetables, and sprouted seeds - processed in various specific ways - blended, fermented, dehydrated, or juiced - but not cooked. Furthermore, we recommend the use of wheatgrass juice (the juice extracted from wheat in its grass form) as one of the most potent forms of cleansing nourishment on the planet. All animals instinctively seek out the healing power of grasses - even domestic pets!

* What does it mean to get Death Out of the body? This means that we seek to make our bodies pollution-free. Any dead and/or toxic substances in the body should be detected, neutralized, and eliminated - pronto. This requires that the body's organs of purification be operating at peak efficiency - in particular, the circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems, the lungs, sweat glands, liver, kidneys, and... last but not least, the colon.

"Ugh, do we have to talk about the colon?" Fairly common question. Unflinching answer: "You betcha." In fact, of all the organs in the body, perhaps the most important is the colon.

Let's face it. When the colon slows down, we get polluted and sick, and none of our other organs, especially the brain, can work very well. If the colon stops working completely - or God forbid, ruptures - we get dead - very quickly. Think of it as analogous to the sewer pipe from your house. When that clogs up - even partially - you know that you have a serious problem. Right?? Right.

So that's why we advocate colon cleansing - enemas - colonic irrigations. Fun? No. Effective in alleviating health problems? Definitely. Now, granted, we never want to become dependent on enemas (there is no substitute for adequate dietary fiber) but when the job needs to be done, we say "Do it."

One more thing - almost nobody thinks that his or her colon is clogged. Actually, there are various degrees of being clogged. Consider this: If my health is less than perfect, and /or I've been eating mostly cooked (read: clogging) food all my life, it's a pretty good bet that my colon has seen better days and my health and quality of life might really improve if I did some internal housecleaning. Anyway, what have I got to lose? (And wouldn't I be better off if I lost all of it?!)