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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Zeolite Guidelines and FAQs

Dear Raw Food Enthusiast,

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions FAQs about the safety of zeolite Natural Cellular Defense, along with the recently updated guidelines and dosage recommendations for adults, children, and pets.

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Please share them in this form. From now on we are adding a disclaimer to all testimonials and to the guidelines.

Please note new information for diabetics.

The company does not recommend putting NCD anywhere except in the mouth. The below information is being shared according to what users have found through experimentation to work for them. Each person is individual. We don't know
what it may help.

You are welcome to try different uses and let us know what worked for you. Please do share your successes. And let us know if you need guidance or have questions.


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These guidelines are not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician if you have questions about using Natural Cellular Defence while taking medication or undergoing medical treatment.

This information is not being used solicit product sales, is not to be interpreted as a claim of cure or treatment, and has not been endorsed nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA).

No person with a physical illness should undertake the self-administration of nutritional substances or substitute them for qualified medical treatment unless advised to do so by a qualified medical professional. Use of any nutritional substance is done at your own risk.

Drink Plenty of Water

In general, you will need to drink more water than usual when taking Natural Cellular Defense (NCD). The heavy metals that NCD removes from the body carry a positive charge, which allows your body to hold more water. As these toxins are eliminated through sweat, mucus, urine, and feces, water will be eliminated with them.

As a general rule, drink one half ounce of water for each pound of body weight. A 140-pound woman should drink about 70 ounces of water daily.

Although the directions on the bottle suggest placing NCD directly on the tongue, many users prefer to place the drops in an 8-ounce glass of water so as to help ensure sufficient hydration.

If you are on a diuretic, start with a very low dose of NCD and drink extra water. If you live in a dry climate where dehydration is an issue, drink even more water than usual.

Recommended Dosages

Because zeolite stays active in the body for five to seven hours, you need to take a dose approximately every six hours to have NCD continuously circulating in your system. NCD is not toxic at higher levels and has GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status from the FDA.

However, it is important to be aware of proper dosing. A small percentage of people are sensitive and experience a healing crisis with detoxification symptoms when they start using NCD.

To reduce the possibility of that occurring, it is prudent to begin taking a smaller number of drops and build up gradually to the dosage you want to take.

For example, if you are a new user and want to begin taking the detoxification dose, start with 3 to 4 drops 3x/day, with water, and gradually increase to 10 to 15 drops 3x/day. It is important to note that taking more than 15 drops at a time may trigger a healing crisis with detoxification symptoms.

Maintenance dose:

3 to 5 drops 3 x/day, increasing the amount if ever there is a viral, chemical, or other exposure. A bottle of NCD contains 300 drops and will last 20 to 33 days.

Detoxification dose:

10 to 15 drops 3 x/day for six to eight weeks. If you are a new user, build up to this dosage gradually, as explained above.

A bottle of NCD will last approximately a week to 10 days. Unless you have a severe health problem, this is the initial dosage that most of our adult clients take.

After six to eight weeks, begin taking a maintenance dose. Dr. Cousens recommends repeating the detoxification dose as often as twice a year.

For severe health challenges:

2 to 3 drops per hour, with water, and 8 drops at bedtime.

We are finding this to be the most effective dose. If this schedule cannot be maintained, take 15 drops 3 to 4 x/day.

Many users have found adding the fourth dose at bedtime to be helpful.

A bottle of NCD will last approximately five days to a week. It is recommended that new users start with 1 to 2 drops per hour and slowly increase to 3 drops an hour over a period of days or even weeks.

For children:

2 or 3 drops 3 x/day, depending on body weight and health. A good detoxification dose for a 50-pound child is 3 drops 3 x/day. Use less as a maintenance dose. For a mid-day dose for children going to school, some parents put a few drops in lunch-box food or drink.

For animals:

2 or 3 drops daily on food. Your animals will want to drink more, so make sure to have plenty of fresh water available for them.

Other Uses


Many people have reported that NCD is effective in helping skin problems such as irritations, rashes, warts, insect bites, and lumps on or under the skin.

To use it topically, place a drop of NCD on the affected area 3 or 4 x/day and cover with a band-aid to keep the skin moist, or add it to a skin oil or cream. For larger areas, dilute NCD with pure water and apply using a spray bottle.

Users have also reported relief of discomfort by massaging NCD into areas of soreness. Anecdotal reports suggest that adding a few drops of NCD to skin lotion and other topical products appears to enhance their effectiveness.


There is anecdotal evidence that NCD helps with problems such as styes and ptergium. A drop or two can be placed on the eye or eyelid, or diluted with pure water and sprayed on. When applied to the eye, NCD may sting at first.


Some parents have found NCD useful in relieving children's earache symptoms. One or more drops can be placed directly into the ear.

Teeth and gums:

Users have reported relief of gum and tooth discomfort (including the discomfort of teething in babies) by putting drops of NCD onto the gums in the affected area.

Contraindications and Precautions

NCD is contraindicated for anyone taking a medication containing heavy metals (such as lithium) or platinum (which is found in some cancer medications).

NCD may remove from the body supplemental lithium and the chemotherapy agents cisplatin and carboplatin, both of which contain platinum.

It appears to be safe to begin or resume taking NCD 3 days after using cisplatin and carboplatin. NCD can be used while taking other chemotherapy drugs. If you wish to use NCD while taking lithium, consult your physician.

If you are an insulin-dependent diabetic, be aware that NCD may lower your need for insulin.

The activity of NCD is entirely passive. It will not attack hip replacements, breast implants, or dental fillings.

However, because of the possibility of mercury vapor in the mouth, it is prudent for people with mercury fillings to use NCD as follows: put the drops in a glass of water, take a sip to swish around in the mouth and spit out, and then drink the rest through a straw.

Detoxification Symptoms

When they begin taking NCD, some users experience detoxification symptoms, such as headache, diarrhea, tiredness, or overall achiness. After initial detoxification, most people report feeling better than ever.

If you experience strong detoxification symptoms, you should discontinue using NCD until the symptoms pass, and then resume taking it at a lower dose, gradually increasing the number of drops until you reach the dosage you want to take.

While some people report that they have greatly increased energy when they begin to take NCD, others feel tired while detoxifying.

If you do, take naps if possible or go to bed earlier. If that is not possible, you should decrease your dosage. The body does deep healing during sleep, so get at least eight hours of sleep whenever possible.

As a detoxifier, NCD has a hierarchy of affinities. It attracts mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic first, and then eliminates other toxins from the body.

Lighter metals such as calcium and magnesium have only a minor affinity, and NCD does not remove them. If your body is burdened with a heavy toxic load, a fair amount of these toxins may need to be removed before you notice a shift in how you feel. Pay attention to small changes.

Once the zeolite in NCD absorbs a toxin, that toxin will not go back into your body tissues because it is fully excreted without any damage or stress to the kidneys. Many people have found that detoxifying with NCD is much easier than it is with other common detoxification methods.

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Safety and Efficacy of Waiora NCD From the Waiora Scientific Advisory Board

The duties of the Scientific Advisory Board:

Oversight of new product formulations
Validation of manufacturing Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC)
Participation in Medical Seminars
Representing the Science behind the products to the Distributors and the general public
Oversight of clinical trial protocols
Writing educational articles for widespread distribution
Each ingredient, blend and formula must pass the scrutiny of the SAB before it is brought to market.

Concerning the "color, taste and smell of Natural Cellular Defense"


From the Independent Firm 'Eno Research & Development'

Concerning the "...the safety of your NCD product."


Questions and Answers From Waiora HQ

Q: Will heat affect the zeolite in the NCD?

A: The zeolite is an extremely stable molecule that can withstand very high temperatures (over 900 degrees Fahrenheit). Hot days will not change the product or limit its efficacy. Additionally, the NCD can safely be added to hot foods or beverages without limiting its benefits.

Q: Will cold alter the product in any way?

A: The zeolite is completely stable at cold temperatures. If the product becomes frozen, simply defrost it and shake it lightly before using to insure a uniform suspension of the zeolite.

Q: Why does the NCD sometimes look, taste or smell differently?

A: The zeolite in the Natural Cellular Defense is an all-natural mined product. As such, there will be some variability as to its excess mineral content (i.e. magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.). Although these are very slight variations, they can cause great differences in the taste, smell and color of the product. Additionally, some minerals may darken in solution (i.e. iron). Because of this, some of the NCD may have a brownish tint.

Q: If there are different amounts of minerals in the product, can it be dangerous?

A: No. The variations in the excess mineral content are negligible and cannot be considered as a source of the mineral. For example, a recent sample of the product contained less than 1 microgram of iron. This was certainly enough iron to change the color of the product, but not enough to have any physiological effect.

Q: Is 1 microgram a lot of iron?

A: No. It's a negligible amount. As an example, one average bite of steak has approximately 500 micrograms of iron.

Q: Why are other mineral products consistent while the NCD may be different from one bottle to the next?

A: Most multi-mineral products use formulations of single, purified minerals. These are known quantities that may be entirely consistent. The NCD uses a natural, mined product that contains natural variations of its mineral content. While the amount of the zeolite is standardized and remains constant in the product, the excess minerals may change.

Q: Can the zeolite in the NCD lower potassium in the body?

A: No. The zeolite has a very specific reactivity series. Smaller atoms with higher positive charges have greater affinity for the zeolite. Heavy metals tend to be small and highly charged while the necessary minerals tend to be larger with lower charges.

For example, arsenic has a charge of +3 and a diameter of 1.8 Angstroms. Potassium only has a charge of +1 and a comparatively large diameter of 2.8 Angstroms. Arsenic has high affinity for the zeolite while potassium has almost no affinity for the zeolite.

Q: Can the plastic from the bottle leech into the product?

A: No. We use a high-density bottle that is resistant to leeching and there are no components in the NCD that are known to degrade plastic.

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