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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Raw Vegan Perfect Health Program

Something is taking place that is very important to you...

As you know, my friend Frederic Patenaude is the author of the weekly "Pure Health and Nutrition" raw foods newsletter.

And you know of Dr. Douglas Graham. He is a twenty-seven year raw fooder, author of many books on raw food, fitness, and health, and the President of Healthful Living International, the world's only international Natural Hygiene organization.

And if you read my eBook "The Health Evolution" or participated in my teleseminars, then you know what a big influence they have been on me. Well Frederic just let me know that he is releasing a brand new resource with Dr. Doug Graham.

It's called:

"The Perfect Health Program"

This program will teach you the entire raw foods process from determining optimal foods, improving health and wellness, increasing energy levels, and it continues through important health maintenance practices such as detox, fasting, exercise, supplements, achieving your optimal weight (weight loss or weight gain) and much more.

You'll discover which proven and tested foods increase energy, which foods improve memory, how to set goals for dietary transition, and what you can do to achieve health freedom by awakening your self-healing body.

This program also comes with some unique mp3 downloads on the raw foods diet (email me for more info on these)

As you know, raw food nutrition is arguably the most important health skill you can develop. Nutrition is the engine that drives ALL of your activities. Your
physical fitness, performance at work & home, self improvement activities, and everything else you do is influenced by the quality of your diet.

The Perfect Health program is the best self help and motivational resources available to you.

Anyway, Dr. Doug Graham is one of the world's greatest nutritionists and his new resource can help you a great deal.

I suggest you get it for yourself. Get all the details at:

I suggest you get it right away, while it is still at the special launch price. It comes with $471 of bonus gifts available only for the first batch orders.

- Mike Snyder

P.S. I can tell you Frederic and Dr. Graham are the real deal. So when they offer a health product, you better snatch it up!