The Raw Foods Evolution

Friday, July 29, 2005

The China Study

This week I'm reading "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell.

This is an incredible book! I highly recommend it to all readers of my raw vegan newsletter.

Click on the official website, The China Study, and you can watch some great video's and listen to audio related to the book.

The research in this book proves once and for all that a healthy vegan diet is the best way to eat.

By a healthy vegan diet, I'm talking about one high in raw plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Many vegans you'll meet are very unhealthy because they are living off soy, bread, rice, pasta, chips, and soda pop. Eating a vegan junk food diet will make you sick quickly.

Here is a good review on The China Study website

Review from the December issue of Library Journal
Irwin Weintraub, Brooklyn Coll. Lib., New York

In the 1980s, a comprehensive study of the effects of diet on disease and lifestyle was conducted among 6500 adults in 65 counties in rural China.

Campbell (nutritional biochemistry, Cornell Univ.) examines the results of that study and compares the predominantly plant-based Chinese diets with the high consumption of meat and dairy products in the West.

Drawing on hundreds of references and his 40-year career as a nutritional biochemist, Campbell compellingly argues that animal-based foods are responsible for high rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and the effects of aging.

He challenges long-held beliefs about the nutritional benefits of animal products and points out the confusing glut of contradictory information disseminated by the food industry.

Campbell urges readers to eliminate meat and dairy from their diets to achieve better health and longevity. His study will add a new dimension to the public debate about the role of plant-based foods in the human diet. Recommended for nutrition and health collections.