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Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Story of the Raw Vegan Diet

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Volume 1, Issue 5 -
Thursday, March 17, 2005
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In a few days I’ll be announcing my next
teleseminar. I’ll be covering a very important
topic related to your health. It could be the most
important aspect of your lifestyle. It is
definitely the most neglected aspect.

This requirement for optimal health has been
practiced for thousands of years. It is taught in
every religion, in every culture. It has been
misunderstood and all but forgotten in today’s
society. It is extremely important that you’re on
this call.

But first, I’ve got to get this off my chest
before I *explode*!

Last night, just before bed, I was reading my
favorite message board,

What I read there brought tears to my eyes. I laid
awake for hours, unable to fall asleep.

Follow me as I tell you what affected me so deeply.
I need to tell you my story about how I became a
raw foodist.

About 12 years ago, at age 16, I came down with
teenage acne. It wasn’t all that bad, but it just
wouldn’t go away.

Finally, at age 18, I visited a medical doctor for
assistance. The doctor incorrectly stated my acne
had absolutely nothing to do with nutrition. I was
told that the only way to get rid it was with
pharmaceutical drugs. He put me on some very
strong drugs to knock out the acne.

The drug is called Accutane, and it has some
horrible side effects. My acne went away, but
suddenly I had a new and much worse problem.

The skin on my face became bright red. It started
peeling with yellow scales. This affected two
patches of skin on both sides of my nose. It was
extremely itchy and painful, and it was getting

Imagine going through senior year of high school
and freshman year of college with yellow scales
peeling off your face. It was not a fun experience.
After numerous months of pain and embarrassment, I
finally went back to the doctor.

The allopathic doctor put me on more medications,
including a topical medicine containing steroids.
The topical lotion suppressed the symptoms and
made it appear as if I had normal skin.

The problem was, if I didn’t apply the lotion at
least twice a week, the skin problems would come
back worse than before. After 6 long years of
using this lotion, and visits to different
allopathic doctors, I still had this horrible skin

Four years ago, my life was transformed. A
festival came to town called the International
Festival of Raw and Living Foods. The headline
aroused my curiosity and I began investigating. I
read as many books and magazines as I could find.

I became obsessed with books by Herbert M. Shelton,
one of the greatest men to live in the 20th
century. His books saved my life and revealed the
truths about healing and health.

The books describe how the body will heal itself
when it is given the chance. The body will heal
itself of any and all diseases IF the correct
steps are taken.

If the body is always healing itself, why was my
skin problem still here?

I was suppressing my symptoms of disease with
pharmaceutical medication and junk foods. I wasn’t
giving my body a chance to heal and I wasn’t
feeding it the nutrients it needed.

I learned that when disease is present, there are
two different paths that can be taken. You can
either suppress the symptoms with medicine and
surgery, or you can allow the body to heal itself.
By suppressing the symptoms, the disease will stay
in the body and continue to grow.

The other option, the only option that should be
considered, is to go through a detoxification
program. By cleansing, detoxing, fasting, and
removing the cause of disease, the body will heal.

Four years ago, I began eating a 100% raw vegan
diet. I also embarked upon a healing journey using
fasting, herbs, body electronics, colon cleansing,
exercise, and various detoxification programs. My
body went through an intense detoxification
healing crisis as I re-experienced old symptoms I
had suppressed.

A miracle occurred and my body healed itself. It
was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

The nightmare of disease was a blessing in
disguise. Without my health challenges, I would
never have discovered raw foods.

I experienced a deeply profound healing on the raw
foods diet. I am now disease free, I’m off the
pharmaceutical drugs, and my health continues to
improve each day.

By now you can see why I’m so passionate
about raw foods. They have saved my life! I
describe the diet I eat to create health in my
eBook, The Health Evolution,

The raw vegan diet is only one of the tools I use
to heal and rejuvenate. There are additional
actions that must be taken to assist the bodies
healing process. Periodic cleansing, detoxing, and
rebuilding the body is essential for optimal
health. If it is done correctly, it will slow,
stop, and even reverse the aging process.

In my next teleseminar, I have a very special
guest joining me, he’s an expert in detoxification.
He is a professional coach who guides his students
through a safe and effective fasting and cleansing

Picture me before I learned this:

I was struggling, embarrassed, self-conscious,
unhappy, unfulfilled, lacking energy, lonely,
confused, frustrated, scared, depressed, and a
failure in my mind.

Picture me just six months after I learned this:

I was happy and excited about my life, full of
energy, disease free, focused, passionate,
enthusiastic, and eager to learn more about this
new lifestyle. I became actively involved with the
local raw foods community and I currently attend
every potluck and special event in the area. I’ve
been meeting incredible people who have become
close life-long friends.

Yes, as a matter of fact, in just months after
taking action my life was completely transformed.
Almost immediately, every problem I had just
melted away. I had a new freedom, greater
awareness, and focused goals.

Truthfully, which one are you closer to right now?
Before or after?

In just months I improved my life with evolutionary
nutrition and advanced healing practices. Gone was
all the fear that was holding me back. I call the
raw vegan diet evolutionary because this is the
culmination, the highest pinnacle of dietary

All you need to do is choose the same.

And I will help.

My special guest and I will share with you exactly
how to get started on a detoxification program
today. Watch for my next email where I give you
more details on this teleseminar.

Back to the issue that nearly brought me to tears.

Last night just before I settled down to sleep, I
checked for news on the forum at

At the top of the page was a request for help from
someone who was prescribed accutane 3 years ago.
This person is experiencing health challenges that
may or may not have been caused by this
pharmaceutical drug.

Reading this brought back a flood of memories and
reminded me why I first started exploring the
miracles of raw foods and detoxification.

My health challenges were the best thing that
could have happened to me because they led me
directly to the raw foods lifestyle. Ever since I
took action, my life has been consistently
improving. It worked for me and it will work for

Have a GREAT day and I’ll talk to you soon.


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