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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Raw Spirit Buzz


I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Announcing: The Raw Spirit Teleseminar Series

I will be hosting tele-seminars in the next few months with our featured speakers at the Raw Spirit Raw and Living Foods Retreat and Festival. I hope you can join us!

For the first month my guests will be:

- Brigitte Mars

Author of many books including Rawsome! and Healing Herbal Teas.

- Raw Food Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Ariel Policano

- Dr. Steven Bailey

A Naturopathic doctor and author of 'The Fasting Diet'. Dr. Bailey is a leading expert in cleansing, detoxification, and fasting. His new book 'Juice Alive' will be published next month.

Watch for my upcoming e-mail with more details!


The Buzz on Bee Pollen
(c)2006 by Michael Snyder

Bee pollen is a true superfood because it contains most of the nutrients needed by the human body. It is a high mineral, protein rich, alkaline food.

It is about 40% protein and contains all essential amino acids. It is high in many vitamins, including the B vitamins and folic acid.

With over 5,000 enzymes, it is one of the most enzyme rich foods available to us.


One of the unique nutrients found in bee pollen is lecithin. Lecithin is a building block of our cell membranes and assists in keeping them healthy.

Raw food doctor Jameth Sheridan writes that lecithin "nutritionally supports healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, cardiovascular health, nerve function, brain function, liver function, memory, and fat burning."

Lecithin is also found in soy beans and eggs. I recommend choosing bee pollen over soy and eggs!

How to Eat Bee Pollen

Bee pollen comes as little granules. Start by eating one granule and slowly build up to a tablespoon.

Some people are allergic to bee pollen. It is important to start with one granule just in case you are allergic.

It can be sprinkled on salads, blended into green smoothies, or ground up with flax seeds.

Bee pollen is a vegetarian food. It is simply pollen from a flower and there are no animal products in it. The bees collect it from flowers and carry it to the hive.

The pollen I use is from a local organic farm. The bees are treated with love and respect. They are not harmed in any way.

I recommend the two pollens at Nature's First Law,

Nature's First Law Wild Bee Pollen

YS Farms bee pollen

Most natural food stores carry raw bee pollen in the refrigerated section.



Pesto Pasta

I made this dish last week for a friends potluck. Everyone loved it and requested
the recipe.


1 1/2 Cup Pine nuts
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1/2 Cup fresh basil
2 teaspoons sea salt
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 Tablespoons lemon juice
2 Zucchinis

1 teaspoon spirulina for a bright green color.
1/2 cup fresh cilantro
Pinch of cayenne pepper powder

You may substitute all or part of the pine nuts with macadamias, walnuts, or cashews.

Appliances needed:

- Food processor

- Saladacco Spiral Slicer

This is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. The Saladacco Spiral Slicer Spiralizer is on sale this week in my raw foods superstore.


Start out by processing the nuts in the food processor with the 'S' Blade. Process for about 3 to 5 minutes until the nuts begin to stick to the walls.

Next, add in olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, garlic and continue to process.

Chop up the basil and add it last. Process for another 30 seconds until well blended. You could add a quarter cup of water to make it a salad dressing.


With a Saladacco, slice the zucchini into ribbon slices. Noodles can also be made with butternut squash, cabbage, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, onions, beets, sweet potatoes, daikons, parsnips, winter squash, and young coconut meat.

Mix noodles with the sauce. Garnish with diced vegetables such as red bell pepper, tomato, sprouts, and asparagus.


Living Nutrition Magazine

The new edition, Volume 18, is now available! This issue is packed full of fun articles on raw food nutrition and health.

It has many delicious recipes, interviews with leading experts, and many resources to support you on the path to better health.

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Take Care,

Mike Snyder
author, The Health Evolution Raw Foods eBook