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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Healthy Drinking Water

Much of the drinking water info below is an excerpt from my eBook, "The Health Evolution: The Ultimate Guide to the Raw Foods Diet". To read all about it go to my website: .

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The subject of drinking water is a little confusing. You’ll be fine as long as you’re not drinking unfiltered tap water. I feel that unstructured distilled water should be avoided. Restructured distilled water is probably the best. I haven’t found any research that says restructured distilled water is harmful. If you know of any info, let me know. I don’t worry about it too much. I usually drink restructured distilled water, or I fill up reusable containers with water from those big machines at the health food stores and then I restructure it.

You'll want to avoid unfiltered tap water because of all the harmful chemical additives such as fluoride, chlorine, MTBE, and other toxic chemicals designed to kill bacteria. The chemical additives kill parasites and bacteria in the water,
but they also kill the good beneficial bacteria we need in our digestive tract. Chlorine causes multiple health problems that you'll learn about by doing a simple search on

In general, you'll be fine with any good water filter available in your local health food store. If you want to dramatically raise the quality of your water, read on.

On , David Wolfe says that the best water is natural spring water straight from the
source at the top of mountains. He says Trinity bottled water is the best available and he does not recommend distilled. When I drive south on highway I-5 through
Mt. Shasta, California, I always stop in at the Mt. Shasta City Park and fill up big drinking water containers at the Sacramento River headwaters. I don’t know what it is about Mt. Shasta, but I love drinking water straight from the source!
(Healing Shasta waters: )

On the other hand, Brian Clement, director of Hippocrates in Florida, says either distilled water or Wellness Filtered water is the best. He says Trinity is filled with inorganic minerals that our body cannot use. Gabriel Cousens recommended
Wellness water in the past but he took the article off his website. He says restructured distilled water is the best.
Click for the Hippocrates Article on the Wellness Filter.

Here are some good articles on the benefits of distilled water by various raw food experts.

Distilled Water and Your Health
by Roe Gallo, M. A. and David Klein

Water, Water Everywhere, but What Am I to Drink?
By Peter Ragnar

Why Distilled Water
by the legendary Dr. John R. Christopher

Scroll down to listen to audio files of various Brian Clement interviews-

Clement says to drink either distilled water or Wellness Water.
(note: The first audio file, “Original Airdate: May 29, 2003” does not work)

The Mystery of Water
By Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Quote “…This piece of information makes it clear to us that the most natural and healthiest water is the most hydrogen donating water, which is the water that has the highest amount of electrons. This is distilled water because it is a highest hydrogen donating water.

…Distilled water is definitely like the rainwater in the sense that it has been heated and destructured. Because of the heating of the water most of the frequencies of possibly toxic chemicals are destroyed. Distilled has the least amount of toxic frequencies of any water. The next step is to restructure it so it will hold new healthy frequencies. One thing I use for this is Crystal Energy, which is created by
Dr. Flanagan. …

…The message here is the best way to get our minerals is not from water, but from food. … The other addition to water is angstrom minerals … or a minimal “smidgen” measuring coop of either Celtic, Himalayan, or Real Salt which are all around
82 mineral ionic salts….

…The final step is creating vortexes in the water by rotating the jar of water which stimulates the water experience in a river. Then blessing the water wit healing vibrations, and letting it sit outside in nature to reprogram with the fragrances of nature for at least 4 hours. I believe this is the healthiest, most vibrationally full, high electron hydrating water. This information is from my 2005 book entitled
“Spiritual Nutrition.”


Here are a couple water restructuring products->

Crystal Energy

Willards water

Grander Water -> (This is an excerpt from the Body Electronics book "How We Heal" by Doug Morrison
Official Grander Website

Tachyon Research
Tachyon Homepage

David Wolfe also recommends storing water in an egg shaped container to restructure it and bring in special energies. The shape is sacred geometry and the water is constantly moving inside. The clay egg vessels also act as refrigerators->
clay egg water vessels

I’ve read that most tap water in the U.S. is contaminated with perchlorates and MTBE (rocket fuel and a gasoline additive). A water distiller may be the only way to remove all inorganic minerals, toxins, perchlorates, and MTBE.

In December 2004 scientists released a study that found dangerously high levels of the rocket fuel perchlorate in 90% of the water and food sampled across the country. In the 1990’s, the U.S. government began adding a chemical called MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether) to automobile gasoline all across the United States. Brian Clement says that this chemical is the most carcinogenic chemical known to humans, and it causes cancers in lab animals in extremely small amounts. These chemicals are contaminating most drinking water supplies in the U.S. (Note: Clement says this in the audio files at

Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water:
Perchlorate Pollution Spreading Nationwide

We’re lucky that Portland water does not contain fluoride. The dentist tells me the reason I have good teeth is because I grew up drinking tap water containing fluoride. After reading Weston Price’s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”, I know fluoride does not cause healthy teeth, but it may prevent tooth decay when a person is eating a diet high in processed foods.

I’m sure you’ve all seen that great film that was partly filmed here in Portland, "What The Bleep", which discusses Dr. Masaru Emoto. His incredible book, "The Hidden Messages in Water", shows many beautiful photographs of water crystals. The water crystals of distilled water have lost their shape and structure. After being restructured, the crystals look healthy and beautiful.

A few additional methods for restructuring include reciting Dr. Emoto's water prayer, adding plant material such as lemon juice, sea veggies, or wheatgrass, or adding MSM. An excellent book on healthy water is “Living Energies: Exposition of Concepts: Viktor Schauberger” by Callum Coats.

The restructuring is done to both erase the memory of toxins from the water, and to give the water the memory of healthy water. By memory, I am talking about the pattern of the hydrogen bonds, or waters ability to store organized patterns representing information.

The H2O molecules create a bond with the other substances in the water. When the other substances are removed with a water filter, the bonds still hold the shape or pattern of the toxin.

Here is an article briefly discussing the memory issue,
Icy claim that water has memory

"...Claims do not come much more controversial than the idea that water might retain a memory of substances once dissolved in it. The notion is central to homeopathy, which treats patients with samples so dilute they are unlikely to contain a single molecule of the active compound..."

The science of homeopathy has studies that show how water holds the memory of substances in the water even after the substance has been removed.

Homeopathy breakthrough: homeopathic solutions proven to carry memory of water and exhibit biological effects

I have used homeopathic medicines and it works great!

Click for an article on “What The Bleep” and Dr. Emoto

This is Dr. Emoto’s picture of untreated distilled water,

This is Dr. Emoto’s picture of water after a prayer was given to it,

This is Dr. Emoto’s picture of distilled water after being
exposed to the music of Bach's "Goldberg Variations"

This is Dr. Emoto’s picture of distilled water treated with aromatic floral oils. The water in this picture was treated with aromatic essence of chamomile,

(These pictures are from the main article- )

Dr. Emoto’s water prayer will assist in creating healthy water along with cleansing and healing it. His prayer instructions are as follows:

With your eyes closed, say the following mantra to the water three times repeatedly.

Water, We Love You.
Water, We Thank You.
Water, We Respect You.

Send your Love and Thanks to the water from your heart silently for a few minutes.
It is also very effective to put a "Thank you" sticker to the surface of the faucet. Every time you turn the faucet, it will remind you of the importance to express your gratitude to water.”

Here in Portland at the New Renaissance Bookshop,
they sell water bottles inspired by Dr. Emoto:

Quote: "Words Purify Water" Water Bottles

“If you enjoy Dr. Emoto's books and would like to try this concept out for yourself these water bottles are for you. Available in light blue, dark blue or green. Click color link below to add to your basket. Words on water bottles: Love & Gratitude, Wisdom & Trust, Thank You, Kindness.”

Here is another cool photograph. It’s a crop circle of a water crystal that was shown “Love and Thanks”->,

This is Dr. Flora's suggestion:

"If you put 1 tablespoon of dulse powder for every gallon of water, it will ebalance the homeostasis and the taste will improve (plus, you will have every mineral and trace mineral in it for your use.)"

There are many more drinking water options available, this is a fascinating subject! I’ll leave you with a funny quote from one of my favorite authors:

"Human beings were invented by water as a means for transporting itself from one place to another."
- Tom Robbins