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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jack Bauer and Trans Fats

In my raw foods diet newsletter, I often write about the best foods to include in your diet. This article discusses one food you should never, ever eat.

Author Jon Herring recently posted an article about this food: The deadly trans fat, AKA partially hydrogenated oil. Trans fat is the number one killer "food". It prevents blood from flowing to your heart, your brain, and it prevents blood from flowing to your sexual organs and causes impotence.

Trans fats enters your body and never leaves. There is one secret way to remove trans fat from your body, which I reveal in my eBook The Health Evolution: Getting Started with Raw Foods

One thing you can be sure of: You won't see trans fats eaten by Jack Bauer on 24.

One secret to Lindsay Lohan's diet is that she never eats partially hydrogenated oil.

Trans fat is an American invention. It is a good thing Italy has not adopted trans fat and their great chefs won't be using it at the Olympic Torino games.

The raw and living foods diet creates beauty and good looks. A beautiful appearance is 100% related to your diet, the foods you eat.

You cannot create a beautiful body by eating junk food from Safeway.

To create beauty, a raw foods diet is essential. The second step is to avoid all junk food, including trans fat, MSG, aspartame, processed sugar, and processed grains.

You won't find John Spencer and King Kong eating partially hydrogenated oil.

If you listen to Dr. Phil, you will hear him speak about the dangers of trans fats.

Beautiful people do not eat junk foods. Janet Jones, guests at the grammys, and front page models of vanity fair all agree: Avoid the trans fat! The book "Eating for Beauty" by David Wolfe explains exactly how to create a beautiful body using raw food nutrition.

"Eating for Beauty" explains how you can easily create a body more beautiful than Michelle Kwan.

Below is a great article on this deadly poison, written by an author of "Early to Rise":

Trans-Fats in the Most Insidious Places

The Harvard School of Public Health issued a report stating that hydrogenated fat is likely responsible for 100,000 premature deaths in the U.S. every year. Most of these are due to heart disease.

So imagine my surprise when I picked up a container of Benecol and found that "partially hydrogenated soybean oil" is its third ingredient. In case you're not familiar with it, Benecol is an alternative to butter and margarine. And because it is made with plant stanol esters, which can lower cholesterol, it is heavily marketed as a heart-healthy spread.

What a lie! You can't go up and down at the same time. Nor can you expect to come out ahead by simultaneously lowering your cholesterol and contributing to heart disease. Read the ingredients. And don't buy anything with "hydrogenated" on the label - even if there is a picture of a big red heart on it.

The FDA and the "Zero Trans-Fats" Scam

If you go to any grocery store, you will see all manner of packaging that screams out "Zero Trans-Fats!" Companies boldly advertise this fact, because consumers are finally catching on to how dangerous trans-fats are. Unfortunately, the FDA is allowing many of these companies to blatantly deceive you.

Since January of this year, food manufacturers have been required to list the amount of trans-fat in their products. However, under FDA regulations, if a serving of the product contains less than 0.5 gram of trans-fat, the amount "shall be expressed as zero."

Huh? Even though the product contains trans-fat, they can claim "Zero"? Yep. That's right.

For example: Suppose a product has slightly less than half a gram per serving. That means for every four servings, you consume almost 2 grams of trans-fats. Despite the fact that the box says "zero grams." And remember ... we're talking about an ingredient that the Institute of Medicine has declared to be unsafe to consume in any amount.

So ignore the marketing hype on the front of the package. If it says "hydrogenated" or "shortening" on the label, it contains trans-fat. Don't buy it. Your body will thank you.

- Jon Herring

Best Regards,

Michael Snyder
Owner of The Raw Diet Healthy Living Shop