The Raw Foods Evolution

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Breakthrough: A Film on Raw Food

This is written by Storm, author of the raw foods eBook collection "The Garden Diet" and "Anti-Aging Diet".

Storm is over 50 years young, he is in perfect health and has the looks of a man in his early 30's. He has been eating a raw vegan diet for over 30 years.

He recently finished filming a new movie on the raw foods diet titled Breakthrough. I am excited to watch it!

Here is Storm's message:

The Future is Bright!

I was standing in line at the check out counter of a trendy health food store a few days ago and the checkout girl asked me if I wanted paper or plastic.

I never really process that question because I feel that both choices are losers so what I did was to subconsciously choose paper one time then plastic the next so that I had a balance between the two choices.

We lived on Vancouver Island in a small logging town for a few years and we got to see first hand the results of clear-cutting and a lot of the trees were used for things like newspapers, phone books and paper bags that will be used one time.

On the other hand plastic does not break down in the land fills and what a huge mess and waste of plastic which is also not an infinite resource. Plastic is a miracle product which is made from dwindling supplies of oil.

So after having thought it out I decided to buy five hemp shopping bags. And the next time I was standing in line and the checkout girl asked me "paper or plastic" I proudly stepped up and said neither I have my own hemp bags. Now it may not seem like much but for me it was a real defining empowering moment.

Like a lot of people of my time I like to rave and rant against the powers that be whether they be corporations or politicians.

When I do this I feel totally helpless but very righteous. I say things like they are destroying the environment they are cutting down the rainforest, they are destroying the ozone. But the truth is that WE are doing all of these things.

In the same subconscious mental slumber that I ordered paper or plastic shopping bags. And in many instances the answer is just as easy as in the hemp bag choice that I made.

I'm a "what if" man. I think that "what if" is the language of the future. What if there was a diet that allowed us to deal with anti-aging, chronic debilitating diseases, and obesity.

What if the future is here right now. I think that the technology already exists that will allow us to achieve a more harmonious relationship to our environment.

In 1995 we moved from Santa Barbara California to a house in the rainforest on Vancouver Island. We were able to use the internet to telecommute and interface with dot coms for whom we worked as consultants.

That was our first glimpse into a new paradigm of the future in that we were able to earn a living without leaving our house.

The concept of raw food was another such glimpse. I have just completed a film on raw food ( ) that took me about 7 years to shoot and about two years to edit.

It was a hard film to do because the concept is basically so simple. "If we put our food in the fire we destroy the nutrients."

We started off with the concept that it is a widely held belief that it is not possible to eat raw vegan food and be healthy. And right now we don't have the endorsement of the medical community.

For anyone to tell me that it is not possible to eat a raw vegan diet is like trying to tell someone who just landed that it is not possible to fly from LA to New York.

In trying to convey such a simple concept we actually shot over two hundred hours of footage. And we found that after we finished the first movie that we still have enough footage to do a series of movies.

We did a lot of research into the effects of processed non-organic foods on brain development. We also saw that we could make a film that just dealt with the healing aspects of raw food.

There are clinics that are doing amazing work with raw food and long term diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

We also filmed five years of retreats that we ourselves put on and we helped hundreds of people to go raw, which in and of itself would be a basis for an interesting film.

"Breakthrough" is my second major documentary film. The first was a photo essay on Gerry Spence the trial lawyer called "Leftovers".

We went down to the Mississippi Delta and the Louisiana Bayou. And in this film we documented the effects of large non-organic corporate farming on the little farmers. Many of the areas were so blighted that it looked like a third world country.

What I'm really thinking is that in order to do a totally comprehensive film on raw food and the paradigms of the New Millennium that it would take a series of films that dealt with a number of issues and this is just what we propose to do.

I think that the society of the future will be based on Solar Hydrogen technology. Every day enough energy from the sun hits our planet to supply all of our energy needs for the next five years.

I think that we will shift from a wooden paradigm in building houses to concrete and glass because it is so abundant. I see us switching to bamboo and hemp for everything from hardwood floors to carpets and fabrics because it grows back in one season.

I feel that these simplistic answers to complicated questions now facing us are a part of the process of our collective consciousness.

I feel that in many ways a film maker can stir and stimulate this consciousness through creating interactive media that allows people to not only communicate with the film maker but also with each other. So we are launching online forums that will help to create a sense of international community that will allow us to have an exchange of ideas on a global level.

We are also planning our next year's series of Raw Food retreats ( ) to help people get started on the Raw Vegan Diet. We have some wonderful new people on board to help with this.

Drawing towards the close of this old year the future looks very bright from here!