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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Food Combining & Health with Vegan Raw and Living Foods

"Do You Make These Mistakes in Eating?"

by Michael Snyder
(c) 2005

One of the most important eating habits to practice is that of food combining.

Food combining rules are misunderstood and rarely used. Poor combinations cause indigestion, abdominal pains, and the numerous health challenges related to indigestion.

Many chronic illnesses occur after years of indigestion. Read on to learn about this art of eating.

When you combine food incorrectly, the food is not properly digested and will rot, decay, ferment, and putrefy in the digestive tract. This defeats the whole purpose of eating because the body cannot digest or assimilate rotten food.

Bad food combinations are eaten at almost every meal by those eating the standard American diet. Starchy bread, rice, or potatoes with high protein meats or nuts, sugary desserts after dinner, and acidic red tomato sauce on starchy pasta and pizza are a few of the most common examples.

Food combining is based on the length of time it takes to digest each unique food, the enzymes required to digest them, and the acid or alkaline pH required in the stomach.

The enzyme factor is important to consider. There are 75,000 to 100,000 enzymes present in the human body. The digestive enzymes create a chemical transformation, turning the food into nutrients.

Eat food group requires a different enzyme to digest it. For example, fat requires lipase, protein requires pepsin, and starches require ptyalin and amylase.

- Melons

The first food to be aware of is melons. The melon sugars digest quickly. It may take 20 minutes for them to pass through the stomach and into the digestive tract.

If these sugars are eaten with other foods, they will be held up in the stomach for hours. The stomach is a warm, moist environment and the sugars quickly ferment. Fermented sugars cannot be assimilated by the body.

- Fruits

The next food group to focus on is fruit. Fruits may be broken down into four general categories:

- Sweet (bananas, mangos, dates, figs, raisins)
- Sub-Acid (apples, berries, pears, persimmons)
- Acid (grapefruit, pineapple, oranges, kiwi, tomato)
- Salad (bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado)

As a general rule, eat fruit alone and on an empty stomach. This rule may be broken. Fruits may be combined with neutral foods such as celery and leafy greens. It may be combined with pre-digested living foods such as sprouts, soaked nuts, and soaked seeds.

You may safely combine sweet fruits with sub-acid fruits. Sub-acid fruits combine well with acid fruits. Avoid sweet with acid fruit combinations.

The salad fruits are low in sugar and they may be eaten with vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables.

Do not combine the avocado with nuts and seeds. This is a hard to digest combination and it creates too much fat for one serving. Eat your meal with one or the other.

While not ideal, small amounts of the sub-acid or acid fruits may be eaten with nuts, seeds, and vegetables without discomfort.

For example, a combination with pear slices in a salad with greens,
veggies, and walnuts may be eaten. Almond butter on apple slices should be an okay combination.

Everyone has different digestive strengths so you must experiment to find what works for you.

- Celery and Greens

Celery and leafy greens are neutral and may be eaten with any other food. Eating celery or leafy greens with or soon after a fruit meal greatly improves the digestive strength.

- Starch

Starchy foods are next on the list. They combine well with vegetables but make a horrible combination with protein foods.

Starchy vegetables include carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, yams, parsnips, rutabagas, sprouted grains, and turnips. The cooked starches include grains such as breads, pastas, potatoes, and rice.

Digestion of starches begins in the mouth. The enzyme ptyalin is released to begin the chemical change.

When chewing food, the stomach creates a gastric juice filled with enzymes specific for each food.

If you chew starches, the gastric juice will have a slightly alkaline pH. If protein foods are chewed, the gastric juice will have an acid pH. If you chew non-food item, such as a pen, the stomach will not create gastric juices.

If starches are eaten with proteins, the stomach will be confused. It may create gastric juices with a slightly acid pH. The starch enzymes ptyalin and amylase are destroyed in an acidic environment. The stomachs pH may not be acidic enough to digest proteins.

When eaten together, neither starches nor proteins will be fully digested. The proteins will putrefy and decay and the starch sugars will ferment.

This poor combination is stressful for the body. Viktoras Kulvinskas writes "95% of people are deficient in amylase, starch digesting enzyme, and should take a full spectrum enzyme with all starchy meals or leave them alone.” (P. 125, The Lovers Diet).

In his article "A Talk Given by Viktoras Kulvinskas", he writes “All food is poisonous if it is not digested, no matter what you are eating.”

- Acids

The acid foods include tomatoes, lemons, ketchup, red tomato sauce, vinegar, & acid fruits. They combine well with non-starchy vegetables, fats, and proteins.

The acid foods should not be consumed with starches. They will create an acidic pH which will prevent the starch enzymes from working.

- Liquids

Liquids should be consumed 30 minutes before eating food. Drinking liquid with a meal will dilute the gastric juices and the food will be held up in the stomach too long.

- Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds combine best with vegetables. Nuts are high in fat and should not be consumed with other fats. Seeds are high in protein and combine well with other fats.

In a recent interview with author Frederick Patenaude, author David Wolfe said “If you have hemp seeds with coconut oil, you double the conversion ratio of medium-chain omega-3 to long-chain omega-3, which is very interesting.”

This is significant because the long-chain omega-3 fats are difficult to find in vegan foods.

Soaking the nuts and seeds makes them much easier to digest. The soaking process will partially pre-digest them and bring the dormant enzymes to life. When soaked, it is okay to combine small amounts with fruits.

- Desserts

Desserts should be eaten alone or after a simple salad. The desserts are usually high in sugar and consumed after one is already full. This is overeating and the sugars will ferment.

The perfect way to beat the sugary dessert craving is to eat fruit 20 minutes before the main entrée.

The good thing about raw vegan desserts is that they make a healthy, nutritional, complete, and satisfying meal.

You could be eating cake for breakfast, pie for lunch, and cookies with ice cream for dinner, and you will be eating healthier than most people.

(These delicious desserts are all made with fruits, spices, and soaked nuts and seeds)

- Juices

Fresh raw juices require little to no digestion. They should still be chewed to help digest and assimilate the nutrients. There is an old rule, “Drink your food and chew your liquids”.

With fresh juices, do not combine fruit juices with vegetable juices. The vegetables contain fats which may slow up the absorption of the fruit sugars.

- Fermented Foods

Fermented foods combine well with vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables. They may combine well with fruits depending on the food. In "The Lovers Diet", Kulvinskas writes "Because of the acid component, the fermented foods are NEVER to be combined in the same meal with starchy foods such as bread, rice, and other grains, root vegetables, ect.

- Simple meals

The easiest to digest meals consist of one to five ingredients. Mono-eating, which is eating one food until full, is an excellent way to eat. The food combining rules are not as important when eating a primarily living foods diet. The living foods have their own enzymes which assist in the digestive process.

- Enzyme Supplements

It is not always possible to follow the food combining rules, especially during raw gourmet potlucks or special dinners.

This is where the multiple digestive enzyme supplements come in.

The Natural Choice Products Multiple Digestive Enzymes contain enzymes that digest every food group. These enzymes work in any pH. It does not matter if the gastric juices are alkaline or acidic, the enzymes will still digest the food.

I highly recommend the enzymes. You can order through me, Michael Snyder, or off their website (Just tell them I sent you!)

- Celery and Ginger Root

If you experience discomfort after a meal, chewing celery sticks or drinking fresh ginger root juice or tea will improve digestion. Chewing the celery will assist the body in creating more enzymes, and the ginger will improve circulation and digestion.

Proper food combining will lead to improved digestion, youthful and
enthusiastic energy, improved health, and hopefully a longer life-span!

More tips for succeeding on the raw foods diet can be found in "The Health Evolution: A Guide to the Raw Foods Diet" by Michael Snyder

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Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae E3 Live

The best raw and living superfood available is the Klamath blue-green algae. The two companies I like are Cell Tech and E3 Live.

Here is A Talk Given by Viktoras Kulvinskas, August 1990

Green is a very powerful concept. When you fully understand it, then you see that the problems of the world, as well as of the individual, are that they are not green enough. At one time they said, "Well, he's a greenhorn," and that was negative. My attitude is not only "green is clean," but "green is power." Why are we having so much violence? The green is disappearing from the land. People are living in cities where green is not very visible. Green tranquilizes, calms. Walk in green pastures and you become reborn, rejuvenated, renewed.

The life forms that evolved on our planet started with the blue-green algae. Eventually some of the water plants, due to the presence of rain and mist on rock and land masses, ended up on the land. They developed into many different forms of algae that could live on land with the infrequent presence of showers and mist, and some of them actually evolved into grasses.

Fundamentally they are the basis of the food chain. No matter what one will say, there are still only two isolated foods that can supply all the nutritional needs to produce healthy, long-lived, disease-free organisms, capable of reproduction from one generation to the next: algae and its daughters, the grasses.

Ezekiel said, "Greens shall be for medicine for man", because in the greens there are such benefits, such strong energies. Green is so fundamental. In the Bible King Nebuchadnezzar, who was very sick, took to the grasses and became well. He went on to rule his kingdom for a long time.

In the Essene Gospel, Volume IV, the Essenes, who were the early Christians and who left their mark in the Dead Sea Scrolls, used the grasses in raw form as a sacrament of immortality.

Chlorophyll has a structure almost identical to hemoglobin and it is the major factor responsible for a strong oxygen-carrying system. The chlorophyll structure is primarily an enzyme crystal, and it is heat-sensitive, or process-sensitive. Once it has gone through processing, it’s virtue is minuscule in comparison to what is found in a crude chlorophyll form.

All the research during the early 1930's and on into the mid-40's that centered around chlorophyll was focusing on the crude chlorophyll. Crude chlorophyll, such as that found in such high levels in Super Blue Green Algae‰, has been found to be consistently effective therapeutically.

In the experimental research that was done with treatment of anemic conditions, synthetic and purified varieties of chlorophyll were also tested and it was found that high dosages led to toxic reactions (although in minuscule amounts the synthetic and purified chlorophyll seemed to have a beneficial effect). However, large doses of the crude chlorophyll showed no toxic effect. Crude chlorophyll was the answer.

There is presently a lack of sufficient oxygen, both in our own blood system and on the planet. In fact, we are experiencing a continuous, worldwide diminishment of available oxygen--especially in the cities. If our Health Department had not reduced the standards for anemia--and it has done this twice already--we would have a nation of anemics.

That is the only way we have a “healthy” nation. It's the only way we are able to get enough people into the armed services -- by continually reducing the standards.

Green is the color that can protect you in this toxic environment. It assures that you will have the optimal level of oxidation. There are certain standards that are used to qualify the hemoglobin and red blood cell levels. An associate of mine who was a heavy consumer of green, as much as any gorilla would consume, had his blood analyzed.

His hemoglobin and red blood cell levels were about 30 percent higher than what is considered maximum by the established medical community. He was a runner, chiropractic student, father of four children, and held two jobs.

Many other standards besides those that have been set for blood levels reflect a toxic, sick nation; for example, cholesterol levels. I went for a blood test and the clinic found my cholesterol level to be 105, so they said, "You're malnourished, starving." Yet, I point out that in the medical journals in studies of longevity of the elderly in 50 primitive cultures, people 110 and 120 years of age as well as children had that cholesterol level--between 95 and 105.

As a matter of fact, if what is the recommended cholesterol level in this country is maintained, the likelihood of having a heart attack is one out of two--50 percent!

A Chinese Health study by Cornell University, recently publicized nationally through mass media shows, that the cholesterol level range for the Chinese was on a range between 73 and 140.

The study showed that this was due to the primarily plant-based, low animal protein diet of the Chinese people. They also showed that the trend in the United States, of diverting human dietary consumption to a more animal-based diet, away from foods high in fresh chlorophyll, has diminished our health .

. Chronic disease is rampant in this country, with over 70 percent of the population sick with degenerative diseases. We have a very serious problem--and a great market place for us to distribute Super Blue Green Algae‰. People are looking. They have been disappointed. People in the medical profession are acknowledging that they don't know what they are doing.

They are acknowledging that when given an analysis by a dozen different doctors, every one, or a majority of them, often come up with totally different prognoses -- and then of course the treatments that they give are totally ineffective.

Harold Jones, a Cancer Statistic Specialist, who has spent over 30 years collecting data in the area of cancer statistics, says that the average life expectancy of a person who undergoes chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation, is about three and a half years; if that person has no treatment, it's 12 years. If one does not take the treatment it is much cheaper, less painful, and more likely that you will die much later, looking relatively healthy.

There is a very striking relationship between chlorophyll, oxygen and cancer, and it is an area that I have spent a lot of time researching and documenting. I have also been working in what might be called a "new age" clinical environment. For most of the last 23 years, I have been living in health resorts and I have worked with both degenerative diseases and addictions. For the past five years I have specialized in drug addiction.

I have also worked at Dick Gregory's health resorts for the morbidly obese, where our clients weighed over 1,000 pounds. Because of my influence, all of them were using the Super Blue Green Algae‰, and when they left the clinical environment (and some of them stayed as long as a year), they all kept calling in for more Super Blue Green Algae‰ because that was the product that kept them free from addictions; kept their optimism high, and it also seemed to act as a preventative to falling back into past patterns.

The benefits of crude chlorophyll are especially notable with the drug addiction problem. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that you do feel high when you consume it. I got into this Super Blue Green Algae‰ because it makes me feel high, and I like to feel high. All my life I was always looking for ways to get high-- the highs I’d get from drugs, from abstaining from food, or just running and running, or going almost without sleep for ten days at a time. Right now, I like all my states of awareness; I like being grounded as well as I like being high. There is a space and place for everything.

A most interesting subject is the vast issue of oxidation. Because remember, oxygen is the prime nutrient to your system. - you cannot go for more than a minute without adequate oxygen. Chlorophyll is a very central molecule for increasing the oxygen availability to your system. The work that went on in the 30's and 40's in the study of the therapeutic properties of chlorophyll was forgotten for a time due to the extreme popularity of antibiotics and sulphur drugs.

But about ten years ago the world started to turn more toward natural medicine. National Geographic dedicated a full issue to natural medicine and in that issue, it was stated that the future of medicine was in herbology. However, the wrong attitude prevails because there is a big difference between using the whole-food extracts or some particular herbal isolates and using concentrated whole food - such as algae.

Studies with the blue-green algae seem to indicate that the algae has a favorable impact on AIDS. But researchers are probably going to fragment that algae in their studies, and then they are going to be left with isolated factors and they are not going to get the same favorable results. Attempting to isolate the healing factors from the algae could end up being counterproductive.

ALL the parts in the algae contributed to the healing, because the healing is primarily an internal work. The body heals itself when all the proper nutrients and energy factors are provided. There is so much that is provided in this Super Blue Green Algae‰ and there is nothing in it that is unnecessary.

The chlorophyll factor in Super Blue Green Algae is ten times that found in grasses. The blue-green algae found in the Upper Klamath Lake is the highest source of chlorophyll you can find; it’s content is 2 to 3 times that found in chlorella or spirulina.

This high concentration of chlorophyll leads to overcoming anemia. Hundreds of papers have been published on the work that has been done with crude chlorophyll regarding its relationship to anemia.

It has been found that all forms of anemia--including pernicious anemia and anemia of unidentified sources--responded to the therapeutic effect of crude chlorophyll. Anemia is extreme deficiency of oxygen. We cannot live too long without oxygen.

The work of Dr. John Gaynor, an industrial biochemist, notes that high protein colloidal solutions are poor at absorbing gas. He transformed this whole metaphor to life forms and raised the question that a high protein diet might have a negative impact on the oxygen-carrying capacity of the bloodstream.

Experimental tests were done, and it was shown that the cooked or heat-treated high protein diet was more devastating to the arteries and blood vessels than a diet high in cholesterol.

The eskimos, when they ate their flesh food raw before the onset of civilization, lived into their nineties and still had their teeth and hair. But once the cooking of the protein and fats was introduced into their diet, they lost the enzymatic factors in the raw food - then the body had to supply the enzymes to carry out the digestive process.

Within the first generation after the introduction of cooked foods, their life expectancy dropped into the thirties. Degenerative diseases appeared. There was a very high correlation between the over 200 percent reduction of longevity factor by going from a high density, enzyme diet (raw), to a diet low in enzymes (cooked).

According to research done by John Gaynor, cooked protein in the diet clogs up the blood vessels and reduces their capacity to transport nutrients throughout the body. In fact, the oxygen transfer capacity can be reduced by up to 60 percent. That is dramatic. What is even more dramatic is the body's methods to compensate for this problem.

With excessive intake of protein and the consequent reduced oxygen, you are calling a crisis into the living system. With an oxygen-depleted bloodstream the metabolic reactions are badly affected. You feel sluggish - just like the sluggishness you feel when you go into a small room with 50 people and the oxygen level diminishes. Oxygen is a key factor.

The body has a mechanism to deal with oxygen depletion, and it is called cancer. Cancer is a survival mechanism that allows you to live much longer under an oxygen-deprived atmosphere. Work that was done by a Nobel Prize winner showed that by taking normal tissue cultures, placing them in a glass dome and withdrawing the oxygen by 30 percent, some of the cells died quickly, some got sick and died eventually, and some survived and mutated into cells that looked identical to cancer cells.

Research shows that these cancer cells have a storage capacity for protein of up to 20 times that of the normal cells. Believe it or not, normal cells already have a high protein storage capacity. That's why a person can go on a 60-day water fast without any protein intake and still not touch the essential muscle organs in terms of breakdown. When you are on a high protein diet you create oxygen deprivation. Under this impact for 20 or 30 years, the boddy could be creating cancer cells or dissolving cancer cell - depending on what it needs to function.

I have worked with many thousands of individuals, helping them to get on low protein/high enzyme/high chlorophyll diets. As a rule, this kind of diet assures optimal oxidation within three weeks. Individuals found themselves to be without any further growth and development of cancer. It would usually take 4 to 12 months to then reverse the cancer.

Otto Warberger, who identified this mechanism of oxygen deprivation, has been a recipient of the Nobel Prize on two occasions. Yet still they are predicting that a majority of the people will die of cancer. The two main causes of death are heart disease and cancer--and both of them are preventable. As a matter of fact, all the diseases that we are being confronted with are preventable. The two most important tools are enzymes and crude chlorophyll.

One of the powerful things about the crude chlorophyll in the Super Blue Green Algae is it’s ability to increase your red blood cells, thus increasing oxidation, enabling you to function in a toxic and high stress environment while enjoying a clearer mental acuity and more balanced metabolism.

Research has been done in relationship to the toxicity of the environment and crude chlorophyll. Dr. America Moore, a specialist in low level radiation, tells us that the impact of the introduction of the chemical industry--primarily by way of agriculture, as well as the petroleum industries--is equivalent to the dropping of 72,000 bombs the size of that dropped in Hiroshima in terms of mutagenic effects.

Yet Dr. Chunan Lei showed with her work that ingesting crude chlorophyll has the impact of producing immunization against known dietary carcinogens. This research was done at M.D. Anderson Hospital, which is recognized as the top cancer research facility in the world.

Further work was done by Nobel Prize winner Arthur Robinson at the Linus Pauling Research Institute. Robinson, influenced by "the green energy" you might say, as well as testimonies from myself and a certain woman named Edie Mae [who reversed her own terminal cancer by changing her diet], did a 2-year study with crude chlorophyll and high enzyme diets. He showed that when high enzyme/high chlorophyll diets were practiced in people under the impact of carginogens, cancer was reduced by a factor of 72.

Even more interesting, Robinson showed that megadoses of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), as recommended by Linus Pauling, led to lesion formation in organs, especially in the kidneys, where these isolated nutrients crystallized out under super-saturated states. (This finding caused Linus Pauling to become very distraught and angered, and it even led to a $10 million lawsuit.)

The danger of isolated nutrients is phenomenal. We need nature's balance, foods that have optimal nutrition. We want nutrition in the highest concentrated form possible, while also being in it’s whole state so that we have optimal usage of our nutritional intake.

Malnutrition is a huge problem. One of the major indicators of this is that indigestion is rampant, as reflected by the T.V.commercials for Alka Seltzer, Bromo Seltzer, Tums--manufacturers spend over $100 million recommending these potions, and then when they don't work, other manufacturers recommend all kinds of deodorants and headache remedies to relieve the other indications of indigestion. These cannot help eliminate aspects or signs of toxemia, caused by rotting food that is leaving the entire system in a foul or very unattractive manner.

Indigestion is a key problem. One of the reasons is that everybody is into snacking. According to one of the sociological studies, the average consumer has 22 food contacts in a 24-hour period. Even the food combining systems that are chosen by the health-conscious are not much better.

I find that a majority of the clients that come to me are from the health community and they are sick because they are snackers. Too much of the time they are eating for emotional reasons instead of for energy.

With digestive enzymes (available through Cell Tech) you will be able to get optimal digestion out of whatever you choose to eat, cooked form or raw, thus extracting optimal nutrition. Without residual toxemia, you will be building a stronger immune system.

The pancreas was not designed to process cooked food. So your body is being invaded by an army of cooked food, no different than microorganisms and chemicals, and the immune system has to deal with it. This is when you get what is called “traumatized post-meal leukocytosis”, with the white blood cells going up by a factor of 2 to 3 times after each meal. This will not occur if you are taking these enzymes with your meals, no matter what you have chosen to eat.

Many people have associated me with being exclusively a "raw foodist". I am not. There have been many periods where I have eaten exclusively raw foods. But it is the enzymes I have used for 25 years that have made the biggest difference in my life of dietary abuse.

If you think that you have abused food (and if I ever told you the stories of my personal life), you would see that it was ten times worse. But the enzymes were the thing that pulled me through, plus the chlorophyll that I used throughout. So now, in my fifties, I still have the body of someone who is much younger, stronger and vital, and I am healthier than I have ever been.

One of the major reasons that I actually ended up being involved in the Super Blue Green Algae was personal, and I think that is true of all of us. It is very important in our trying to bring someone into the algae family to get to know the person-- and be as specific as you can be. We are providing solutions to a specific problems, so we have to be able to identify the problem and bring them the solution.

For me the problem was very difficult; manic depressive mood swings and a mental weariness. Most of the time I was on the low ebb of awareness, and the only time that I was sharp was when I was either fasting or drinking coffee. Those were the two highs. My friend Showshawme kept telling me about the wonderful results that some people who have Alzheimer's disease were able to get with the Super Blue Green Algae.

When I was around five years old I was in a coma for close to two months. Severe brain damage was incurred. Mucous globules left an impact on the overall functioning of my brain. Under a diet full of mucous, such as in dairy products, my mental acuity used to be borderline retarded. It showed up in grammar school and I was held back three years.

In high school, I was no performer. But then I discovered that if I didn't eat--although at first I didn't know why I was doing it--my ability to perform intellectually was exceptional. I became a top student by not eating for long periods when I was involved in scholastic studies.

One of the most fascinating things for me personally in using the algae is especially evident when I have to give a 6- or 8-hour long lecture or give 10 hours of consultations back-to-back. I am able now to be fully conscious, concentrated, and aware with each individual. When I used to drink coffee, I would be so wasted by the end of the day I would dive into terrible eating habits. I just wanted to be unconscious. And then I would be sick the next day.

With the Super Blue Green Algae, you get optimal nutrition, and therefore, mental sharpness--whether for scholastic or business purposes. With this added mental acuity, you have leverage in your meetings, and an edge over others. It is the most powerful nutritional tool that I know of.

Yet another important factor is minerals. According to studies that have been done, about 98 percent of the population is deficient in minerals. Not only does the crude chlorophyll in the Super Blue Green Algae increase the oxidation and reduce the negative impact of the toxic world that we live in, but it also has a very high density of minerals. With a mineral concentration of more than 25 percent, it brings on a high electro-voltage potential into the cells.

More and more athletes are getting involved in the blue-green algae. The reason is that they are breaking their own records more and more easily. I can tell you, it's only a matter of another generation or two before you will see an Olympics with such things as a 2-minute mile record.

It just means that people will be able to run at 30 miles per hour for a whole mile. This has already been done by all kinds of wild animals as well as by aboriginal men and women living in central Australia, and in New Guinea. These people don't have access to civilization. They function on a high enzyme, highly alkaline diet, have no residual waste products in their systems, and can easily eliminate waste products.

Humans have three major dietary defects. First of all, we are the only life form that tries to live on food devoid of enzymes. Everything else that eats, looks for high enzyme food.

Secondly, we eat so few foods rich in fresh chlorophyll. Anthropoid apes, which have intestinal and digestive systems as well as a physiognomy almost identical to ours--except theirs is much healthier--live primarily on greens. And they are one of the most powerful animals. With minimal exercise they have bodies of an atlas.

The third problem is that we, as humans, try to live on an acid-oriented diet. All processed foods leave in your body an acid residue. Coca-Cola, and many of the other carbonated drinks, have a hydrogen ion concentration 6,000 to 7,000 times higher than the acid in the bloodstream. Can you imagine that it gives you life? It's like a house on fire and it seems like everything is active, trying to put it out. That's how Coca-Cola gives you life, by taking away your life. We need more alkalizing factors in our diet.

As a country we have come to the point where over 50 percent of our calories come from processed foods -- which leave an acid residual. If you go to the supermarket, you will notice there is a relatively tiny area set aside for food that has nutritional value, the fresh produce. When most people they shop, they get very little of these kinds of foods.

Very few get a dense chlorophyll concentration in their diet - unless they are into "Popeye the Sailor Man" or something like that and load up with spinach. But overall, there is very little of this crude chlorophyll in our diets. It is amazing that when we ingest even small amounts of fresh chlorophyll (half a teaspoon, a quarter of a teaspoon), it has a really major impact. Can you imagine what our powers would be if we started increasing our overall dietary intake with more of all the chlorophyll-rich greens and use the superfoods like the algae?

The Super Blue Green Algae has a high nutritional content and precursors to the neuropeptides which facilitate powerful energy flow throughout the whole system. The alkalinity of this algae is much higher than in any other food. It realkalizes your cells so that the voltage increases in each individual cell. Then the tissues, muscles, organs, and entire system are functioning with a higher physical power. This makes for increased stamina. You discover more and more; "Gee, I don't sleep anymore; I rest now."

Animals in nature don't sleep; they rest. Sleep is a form of toxemia, of drunkenness associated with the wrong kind of food. You notice yourself saying when you have a big meal, "Oh, God, where's that couch? I gotta have a cup of coffee." Well, acidic food does have a very soporific impact on the individual. When you eat light, you need less sleep; when you're fasting you hardly ever need sleep. You just rest.

We conducted an interesting 7-year experiment in Boston, one of this country’s most polluted cities. We used tap water as our major source of water; not filtered, but tap water. We were also in an area with a lot of violence and thievery. People were breaking in about once a week.

We had to deal with that kind of stress. Our food was not organically grown, but we ingested everything in a raw, high enzyme state and also had a high intake of chlorophyll. The result was that people with emphysema and asthma responded--even in such a polluted city. These people were getting well. That is how magical the ability of the body is, that it can recover when given the proper nutrients.

Stressing the body out with degenerative dietary habits has its origin in addiction, created under the impact of a suppressed personality which has been tailored to this type of programming by parents acting out of their historical ignorance. It has been tailored by teachers, the ministry, politicians, -- by the whole culture. It is time to look at other alternatives. That is what we're exploring.

It is such a nice environment here at Cell Tech, because we have people from so many diverse backgrounds. We researchers who were attracted to this Super Blue Green Algae in the beginning did not know what it would do: it might make us insane, it might turn us green, or we might just become slime of the earth. But look! We are here. We are happy. We are healthy. We are becoming financially stable.

It is a powerful experiment, and new foods are being added to the company as our ability, research, understanding and education becomes more complete. We grow and we have even more to give to ourselves and to our associates.

I want to share a story that has to do with my grandmother. I think it's a very important story. The woman was in her eighties, and the doctor who was her doctor for more than 35 years wrote so many prescriptions for her that when they were filled out at the pharmacy, they used to wonder how many people these prescriptions were for. It was only for my grandmother.

She was strong beyond belief, but totally on drugs. Around 1982 my grandmother's body just collapsed. She couldn't get out of bed, she was becoming a little senile, and her bodily functions were out of control. At that time I was at Hippocrates Health Institute and my parents said, "Well, you're doing nothing with your life. Why don't you come home and look after your grandmother? Look, she raised you and all that," and I said, "Sure." It was time for me to leave anyway, so I left.

I tried to bring live food into my grandmother's life. "Aaaaaaaah-uuh-aah!" No way! She made the ugliest faces. I mean, I wish I had photos of her. She was drama personified. When she took some wheatgrass she immediately went into a coma--because she had never taken in anything so alive. It took me three hours working with massage to bring her back. I kept saying, "My mother will kill me because I killed her mother!" I was so relieved when she came out of it and she asked me for some chocolate.

Well, that was it. I said, "It's over. I am not risking any more with food." So then I took her to a medical doctor who was wholistic. He wrote up a prescription for her of something like 50 pills, and he wanted her to start out that first day when she got home with something like a dozen. By the time she was through with six of them, she was in a coma again. It was overwhelming, an overload to her system, and it was not addressing the issues.

So then I spent time meditating and thinking about life in general. All food is poisonous if it is not digested, no matter what you are eating. So the first thing I introduced to her was enzymes, digestive enzymes. Then I gave her a mild herbal laxative to assure that she was going to eliminate the residual waste. Then I gave her a food concentrate, namely the blue-green algae.

Just a little: one capsule.

I also gave her some cayenne in order to increase the circulation. And that was it. Within three weeks the woman was out of bed and taking care of her family of five. She made no life style changes, but went back to doing gardening, the laundry, the cooking and everything. She was a busy dynamo. That's how much of an impact you can make with a few nutrients. The most powerful, as I said, are the enzymes and the algae. So we have very empowering tools.

My dad is a most interesting example. He was in his seventies and getting more and more debilitated. My dad always has a good reason for why he shouldn't do anything that is good for him, but he agreed to take the algae. So I left the Super Blue Green Algae Omega Sun, and I told him to take two capsules twice a day.

About two weeks later I came back and I saw my mother. She had an expression of terror on her face, and before I could come into the house she said, "Viktor, I gotta see you." I said, "I would like to sit and talk with all of you." "No," she says, "I gotta see you!" So she takes me to another room and she says, "Whatever the hell you did to the old man, stop it." I said, "What do you mean? He looks alright."

"Well," she said, "a week after you left he started singing love songs, kept grabbing me all over, and I was scared of him." So, being concerned for my mother's welfare, what I did was, I went to the health food store and I looked for another product that looked pretty similar to the Super Blue Green Algae Omega Sun.

Nature's Way Chlorella had the same kind of capsules and they looked identical. So I brought it home, I poured out the Omega and replaced it with the chlorella, and didn't tell anybody. Three days later I talked to my mother over the phone. She says, "Thanks a lot. You took care of it, whatever it was."

Now, I want you to understand first of all, it is not that my father was ready to indulge in sexual activity. He didn't have the makeup to carry it out, because he was still not healthy. But he was becoming more alive--he was experiencing a rebirth, and that was the way my father manifested that energy. That's the beauty of this product, that it has such an empowering impact on individuals.

My sister spent three months in the hospital when she had her second child. The doctor told her, "If you're going to be pregnant again, you are probably going to spend your whole pregnancy in the hospital." She thought of this algae as being some kind of drug.

She was fearful, like, "Gee, this is powerful green stuff." Well, I got her to use it sporadically, I kept sending more to her, and eventually she became an almost regular user. She got pregnant again, and that woman worked on her job until the last week of her pregnancy, and went on to have a normal birthing, thanks to the algae--and I think also the enzymes, because she was also using enzymes. Again, sporadically, but even this little input had such a major impact, because we are living in a culture that does not injest enough green food and is without enzymes.

With the Super Blue Green Algae and digestive enzymes you have a tool to really serve the community -- with things like arthritis especially. Many people think it has a permanence and cannot really be reversed. The arthritic condition in my system has gone away over the years. A major cause of arthritis is the consumption of pasteurized dairy products.

Arnold Schwartz did a 30-year study which showed that 85 percent of arthritic rheumatism is caused by the consumption of pasteurized dairy products. Now I am not exactly a youngster, but I find no difficulty in performing full lotus and other more complex hatha yoga positions which are considered difficult for most people. I couldn't do them 20 years ago. For most people the joints become locked. But by opening yourself into the dietary transition you can do these positions without any difficulty.

What you do at any moment in your life determines whether you degenerate or rejuvenate. You continually have that option available. Most of my life I have degenerated. It is really only since I have gotten into the algae that my life has taken on more and more positive choices. So I am saying that there is no limit -- no matter who you are or what age you are -- to what you can do with yourself. Don't limit yourself to something that you think is the standard, to anticipate it. Aim for the highest, use goal-setting all the time, and you will be able to achieve it all, because you will find the ways to do it.

Thank you- Viktoras Kulvinskas