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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mystery of Water by Lapis

The Mystery of Water
by Dr. Gabriel Cousens

The basic human substance of life on which all life is based seems to be very complicated. Without water, life doesn't happen. So, what is the mystery of water? What is the mystery of the chemistry of life?

Any farmer can tell you that a rich soil, that if there is not adequate moisture, will not grow seed. The seed will never germinate without proper hydration. The function of water is to bring active natural hydrogen into the cell, so the cell becomes hydrated and the DNA of the nucleus becomes hydrated.

What I mean by hydration is hydrogen-donating electrons. This is the secret of water. When we understand this principle, how to choose what water will best serve us becomes very simple. The other functions of water have to do with acting as a solvent to eliminate toxins out of the body and out of the cell.

Water also acts as a harmonic communicator through its structure, so that the cells can communicate between each other and intracellularly, through patterned frequencies that the water is able to transmit.

Water, H2O, contains the two critical elements of life hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen molecule comprises 97% of the universe. Why is the hydrogen molecule that is charged to donate electrons so important? Because the chemistry of life depends on the flow of our electrons. Nobel Prize winner Gyorgi made it very simple when he said, "All of life depends on a small trickle of electrons from the sun."

These electrons are stored in the water, in live foods, and they are stored in an almost magical compound called ultimatium, which in the Biblical times may be associated with the manna. Ultimatium turns us into a cosmic conductor of free electrons. It is the free electrons that establish, maintain, and create life, and create all energy happening, intracellularly, extracellularly, and any level in the body.

In essence, what I am saying is the key to understanding nutrition is electron flow. Live foods have the most electrons of any food preparation type. Water, whose pH is 7.2 or less, meaning 7.0, 6.8 or less, has the most biologically active natural hydrogen, and therefore the most electrons.

This chemistry of life is about the flow of hydrogen donating electrons and it affects all intracellular processes. DNA needs the electron energy from the hydrated water to repair it. The flow of hydrogen in the cells from the natural water helps bring oxygen into the cell in the form of H2O.

The flow of hydrogen, and again electron donating hydrogen, activates the cytochrome oxidative system to make ATP, which is the source of biological energy. The biological transmutation principles, discoveries of Dr. Louis Kervan,, all are based on the flow of hydrogen, and therefore electrons, for the transformation to take place.

Once we understand this simple, basic principle that water has to do with hydration, hydra, or hydrogen that it brings into the system which subsequently releases electrons in the system for all energy systems to work, we then are ready to understand the principles of water. Water that is high in hydrogen and therefore electrons, works as a powerful anti-oxidant.

Natural water is a high hydrogen donating water, such as you see in pristine rainwater. When you distill water, you free up the natural hydrogen in the water, so you can actually hydrate the cells. Total dissolved solids tells you the amount of minerals and other frequencies in the water, such as pesticides and herbicides and so forth.

Skipping the discussion about the problem of contaminants in the water, and focusing on the minerals in the water, we can understand the research of Dr. Tru Ott. This research seems to indicate is that if the total dissolved solids is greater than 50, then those total dissolved solids interact and trap the electrons so they can’t be used to transfer to our cells. At a TDS of 200 there in essence is actually no free hydrogen or electrons. Water which has a TDS of 200 or greater, usually tends to be alkaline. If it has a TDS of less than 50, hydronium gets formed, which is H3O, which is more clearly an elecron donating hydrogen input.

This piece of information makes it clear to us that the most natural and healthiest water is the most hydrogen donating water, which is the water that has the highest amount of electrons. This is distilled water because it is a highest hydrogen donating water.

Once we understand this principle, we can then begin to understand why certain beverages are not particularly conducive to our electron input. For example, caffeine drinks bond to hydrogen and therefore stop the hydration, similar to let's say carbon monoxide (CO) binding to hemoglobin and therefore not allowing the oxygen to function.

Carbonated beverages create a similar situation, because they create a chemical acidity that is not a natural hydrogen and they also bind the hydrogen. They also create a false acidity by creating a carbonic acid. So, you cannot simply add hydrochloric acid to water and think that is going to be a hydrated water. Chemicals added to water do not necessarily create a natural hydrogen in the water.

Herb teas create a nutritional drink, but not necessarily a hydrating drink. This is because they have a high TDS and the result is that the hydrogen ions and electrons are bound up. This doesn't mean that herb teas are bad, it simply means that they are not hydrating; they are for nutritional and herbal effects and not for hydrating.

This is an important clarifying principle. For example live juices are very good because they have many minerals and they are hydrating. But they are not necessarily as hydrating as distilled water.

Distilled water is definitely like the rainwater in the sense that it has been heated and destructured. Because of the heating of the water most of the frequencies of possibly toxic chemicals are destroyed. Distilled has the least amount of toxic frequencies of any water.

The next step is to restructure it so it will hold new healthy frequencies. One thing I use for this is Crystal Energy, which is created by Dr. Flanagan.

These are actually physical micro-crystals that restructure the water from its blank tape status. Once structured, it can carry whatever energies need to be carried in it. When the water is restructured the intra and extracellular harmonic communication between cells and between the nucleus and the cytoplasm is improved.

The message here is the best way to get our minerals is not from water, but from food. The role of water is to bring hydrogen into the system to hydrate the system intracellularly, to eliminate toxins, to amplify the osmotic process, which is the concentration of extracellular fluid.

When the hydrogen moves in, in reverse to that, toxins move out. The other addition to water is angstrom minerals up to 50 TDS. For this I use 12 drops of active ionic mineral with fulvic acid (which helps absorption of minerals as angstrom minerals) or a minimal “smidgen” measuring coop of either Celtic, Himalayan, or Real Salt which are all around 82 mineral ionic salts.

This minimum amount of minerals makes the TDS slightly less than 50 and helps to turn the water into an electron active hydronium high hydrogen water conductive water. The minerals at 50 TDS create and activate electron donation to the body and enhance the bio-electrical potential of the water in a way that maximizes the bio-electrical and electron donation to the body.

The final step is creating vortexes in the water by rotating the jar of water which stimulates the water experience in a river. Then blessing the water wit healing vibrations, and letting it sit outside in nature to reprogram with the fragrances of nature for at least 4 hours. I believe this is the healthiest, most vibrationally full, high electron hydrating water.

This information is from my 2005 book entitled “Spiritual Nutrition.”

Gabriel Cousens M.D.,M.D.(H)