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Monday, November 20, 2006

Waiora Resources

Waiora Resources - Calls, Contacts & Websites Updated 11.7.06

Waiora Customer Service & order entry: 866 699-2467 faxes 561-273-8061, 561 258-2341
Head of Customer Support: Richard Alianiello

National Conf. Calls 4:30 Hawaii, 6:30 California, 9:30 PM Eastern
Business & Product Info. Every Mon. & Weds 641-297-7575 Pin 133655#

Corporate Product Call with Rik Deitsch & others The science behind the products
Sundays 4:30 Hawaii, 6:30 California, 9:30 PM Eastern 641-297-7575 Pin 133655#

Leadership Recognition Call, Usually First Tuesday of each month 641-297-7575 code 935148# 5 pm Hawaii, 7 Pacific, 8 Mountain, 9 Central ,10pm Eastern

MONDAYS: Interactive leader's Call with Waiora Leaders, For leaders & future leaders
NEW 641-297-7575 pin 22244# 6 AM Hawaii, 8 Pacific, 9 Mtn, 10 Central, 11 AM Eastern

MONDAYS: Getting Started call for new Business Builders with Brian Cunningham
5 PM Hawaii, 7 Pacific, 8 Mountain, 9 Central, 10 PM Eastern 435-871-6000 pin 678654 #

TUESDAYS: Advanced Business Training with Marcy Littlejohn 435-871-6000 pin 678654# 5 PM Hawaii, 7 Pacific, 8 Mountain, 9 Central, 10 PM Eastern

435-871-6000 pin 678654#, 3 pm Hawaii, 5 Pacific, 6 Mountain, 7 Cental, 8 Eastern
email questions ahead of time to: Marcy Littlejohn

THURSDAYS: Health Talk with Marcy Littlejohn & guests 435-871-6000 pin 678654#
5 PM Hawaii, 7 Pacific, 8 Mountain, 9 Central, 10 PM Eastern

SATURDAYS: Business Training hosted by Korey Johnson 641-297-7575 Pin 133655#
6 AM Hawaii, 8 Pacific, 9 Mountain, 10 Central, 11:00 AM Eastern

24/7 RECORDED CALLS Team Global Health Replay Line 973-854-4665
Option 1 NCD Interview with Rik Deitsch, Chairman, Waiora Scientific Advisory Board
Option 2 Business Overview Presentation call changes weekly
Option 3 Rik Deitsch: Summary of Research on NCD 35 mins, Sun 5/7 conf call
Option 4 Dr. Lyn Hanshew, MD on detoxification with NCD: 4/17/06 call
NEW: Essential Daily Nutrients call 24/7 973-854-2590

WEB SITES New website on Essential Daily Nutrients drink / Get your personal NCD Website Training Resources from Waiora Extensive information & links on Liquid Zeolite Sound Concepts: Order brochures, "Prevention" reprint & more Product info, Testimonials Jason Groode's team website Korey Johnson's team website (opt into Korey's email here) John Haremza's compensation plan audio-visual John's website-30% off on Nightengale Conant stuff Team Global Health Business Building Coop Download Dr Zenk's powerpoint: Our Toxic World Environmental Working Group: Crucial information on Toxins & Health

ONLINE AUDIO FILES Rik Deitsch Audio File Dr. Peter Prociuk call on autism Rik Deitsch interview TOXIC STORM WARNING & Dr. Peter Prociuk conf call

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

"Smoking Teeth"
mercury gasses coming off a persons filling when chewing, brushing, drinking

Environmental toxins may cause ADHD

Video clip of Lucas showing full recoverey from autism

YOUR UPLINE SUPPORT TEAM TEAM = Together We All Accomplish More

John Haremza 701-238-0137
John is the lead distributor . Above John is Waiora Corporate.

Korey Johnson, Tennessee 865-755-6994, cell: 865 675-6690 (you can subscribe to Korey's email list here)

Marcy & Chip Littlejohn, Nebraska 308-635-2293 fax 308 635-3014

Brian Cunningham, Hawaii 808- 828-1080 cell: 808-652-7471
fx: 808 440-6612