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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Review: The Best Blender for You

I like the K-tec HP3 blender better than the Vita mix for the following reasons:

K-tec is 3 peak horsepower. Vita Mix is only 2. K-tec has an 8-year warranty. VM is 7 K-tec has a life time warrantee on the coupling and the blade K-tec lid is much easier on/off than the other K-tec does not use a plunger. It uses pre-set varying speeds to pull the food into the blades. K-tec has a computer chip. It has no knobs or dials to get dirty, just a nice keypad.

K-tec stands as high as a normal blender, the other is very high and uncomfortable to work with, plus the T-tec will fit under most upper cabinets, the Vita Mix doesn't.

The K-Tec container is lighter and has straight sides making it much easier to get all the food out of the container, and easier to hold up for long periods of time while scraping out every last delicious bit.

Here is what is says on page 209 of my book about the K-tec:

K-tec Champ:
The premier home blender

K-tec is the innovative leader in the commercial blender market. This same engineering genius goes into their home use blender, the Champ HP3. Computer controlled blend cycles make perfect smoothies or soups with one-touch operation. No old-fashioned knobs, switches, or dials to wear out or struggle with cleaning.

Its half-gallon capacity GE lexan (break resistant) jar is lightweight and easy to clean. Pre-programmed blending cycles direct a powerful 3 peak horsepower motor to change speeds and times, automatically assuring perfect blending consistency-making any blending task a breeze. Complete 8-year warranty on machine and lifetime warranty on coupling and blade for home use.

The K-tec can blend frozen bananas into smoothies or large chunks of carrot into soups. Easy on, easy off lid with no need for a plunger type tool to mix ingredients. For daily raw food prep, the K-tec is essential for smooth results and fast preparation.

K-tec has revolutionized the commercial blender market. Now all Starbucks, Jamba juice, and Disney use K-tec in place of the Vita-Mix and for good reason.

The K-tec at your local Starbucks in encased in a lucite box and its base is black. The one you will get does not have the box and the base is white.

The K-tec and the Vita Mix are about the same price, and are considered to be comparable machines. So if you already own a Vita Mix-no need to trade up to a K-tec, but if you are looking for a heavy duty blender I definitely recommend the K-tec over the Vita Mix.

Yours in Good Health,
Nomi Shannon
The Raw Gourmet