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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

pH Miracle Audio

In my raw foods diet newsletter, I discuss the importance of eating an alkaline diet to maintain a pH of 7.4 in your body. Much of my information comes from the research of Dr. Robert O. Young.

He has made available four of his audios via direct download from his website, giving you instant access to this life changing information. The following is from Dr. Young's email sent on June 8.

Check them out at:

The audio outlined below is exclusively available through pH Miracle Living.

Lighten Up! Cleansing and Weight Loss Program

Let this powerful 2 Hour audio explain the benefits of the pH Miracle Living Program as Tony Robbins interviews Dr Robert & Shelley Young on what this program does and what results you can expect when you follow this lifestyle.

Find your own answers to the questions…

-What can I do to immediately improve my energy?

-How do I lose that last 10-15 pounds?

-How do I look at a health challenge from a totally different perspective?


-Why good fats are essential – lose fat & build muscle

-The Myths surrounding Protein, Carbohydrates, and Calcium

-Why diet drinks actually make you fatter


-Why other popular diets work short term and then long term make you fatter, sick and tired.

-Why Yeast and Candida are epidemic and how to avoid feeding these conditions

-How everything you eat and drink effects your blood, “the river of life.”

Also discussed…

-The immune system

-Men's and Women's challenges

-Kids health challenges

Products mentioned in this interview:

LL Prime pH
Kidney Plus
Pancreas Plus
Adrenal Plus Men's Pack
Women's Pack
Alkalizer Pack
Ortho Pack

Download this life changing audio today.

In Love and Light,

Dr Robert & Shelley Young

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