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Friday, January 25, 2008

Create the Healthiest Year of Your Life

Greetings Mike,

After a long absence, I'm back and I've got something for you that could really make your 2008 great.

I've been getting emails asking me where have I been?

Well, in 2007 I focused on projects outside the raw foods world.

But after enough people came up to me at events asking where I've been, that they missed my emails and blog posts, I decided to get back to writing here again. (Look for a redesign of the look and feel of my site as well as a bunch of new stuff coming soon).

What got me to post today after 3 months of silence?

The new year… and specifically, a special event my friend Kevin Gianni just released called, The Healthiest Year of Your Life (you can check it out here).

If you know who who Kevin is... just sign up for it now. Enough said.

If you don't... let me explain why I think this is such a big deal... and so relevant to you now.

See, most readers of this blog want to use nutrition for healing and health improvement — and most are pretty confused about how to do that.

The feedback I get from readers is that they're stuck going around in circles in their daily eating habits because it seems like there are a million and one things to learn and every day someone's trying to sell you the next big thing...

Here's the Truth that Kevin lays out in his teleseminar event: Raw food nutrition is actually easy.

The majority of products and courses on nutrition that I see being sold are distractions... which is one reason why I hardly ever recommend you buy anything.

Don't get me wrong… I buy books, ebooks, courses, go to seminars, and have my own mentors and coaches that I work with... but I am very selective of who I choose to learn from.

Register for 'Healthiest Year of Your Life' right now! , simply scroll down to the bottom of that page and enter your name and email.

Here's a few reasons you should stop what you are doing and register now:

1) Kevin Gianni is a holistic fitness expert, speaker, personal trainer and goal setting coach. His expertise includes exercise, energy techniques, nutrition, and stress relief. He is the creator and author of "The Busy Person's Fitness Solution" a home workout pro.

2) This teleseminar series strips away all the BS and shows you a simple, step by step path to follow for 2008. The first raw foods book I purchased was Nomi Shannon's "The Raw Gourmet" back in 2000. Nomi will be a featured speaker in this event and she has a real talent for making it simple to create healthy and delicious meals for the whole family.

3) These interviews have more powerful content than most books. Most 'health reports' are weak, thinly disguised salesletters for supplements... but these interviews are solid action steps you can follow today (otherwise I wouldn't be telling you about it).

4) This teleseminar series covers all aspects of health, not just food. Most people struggle with the mental and emotional aspects of going raw. Kevin's experts will show you how to change your thinking and make it easy to make the lifestyle changes you desire.

5) Kevin can teach... his methods are easy to understand… and you'll 'get it'. What he teaches is NOT rocket science... in fact, he’s got a knack for keeping it simple that I admire.

And that's my point.

The truth about raw food nutrition is that it's simple... it is all the hype and distractions that keeps people going around in circles.

If you're serious about making living foods your lifestyle instead of just a hobby, I recommend you listen in to these interviews. They are free, and there is an option to purchase the recordings and transcripts if you wish.

So sign up for The Healthiest Year of Your Life" today, you will love it, guaranteed! To register, simply scroll down to the bottom of that page and enter your name and email.

Here's to your success in 2008... stay tuned... it's gonna be GREAT!

- Mike Snyder

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