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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Letter From My Honey

A very creative letter was posted by board member "Alive!" on the Raw Message Board

Author: Alive!

Dearest Sweet Pea,

Do you carrot all for me? My heart beets for you, with your beautiful radish hair and your turnip nose! You are the apple of my eye. Give me a date, please! If we cantaloupe, lettuce get married anyway. I know we would make a happy pear!

Love, your Sweet Potato

Reply by author= Bliss

Dearest Sweet Potato,

Orange you the sweetest thing? It may sound corny, but I am nuts for you. We are mint to be. You are the salt of the earth. I can't think of one good raisin not to give you a date. I have bean waiting all of my lime for someone like you!

Your Sweet Pea


Have a wonderful day!

Mike Snyder

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