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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Healing Crisis and Raw Foods

Question: Since I started the raw vegan diet I have felt week and have had very little energy.

Response from Michael Snyder, owner of The Health Evolution Raw Foods Newsletter and Raw Foods Store

I recommend reading my eBook, along with some books by Herbert Shelton, David Jubb, and Norman Walker. They all discuss the healing crisis and how to cleanse the body.

You can also find info on the healing crisis by searching google. Near the bottom of this article is a short quote about the healing crisis.

The best way to minimize the bad feelings caused by detoxification when you improve your diet is to do an enema every morning.

Enemas are easy to use and you will feel great after doing them. You will be full of energy and you won't feel the detox symptoms such as headaches, weakness, etc...

My eBook has directions for using an enema, you could also find instructions on google.

I recommend using a juicer and blender every day. Make Ann Wigmore Energy Soup and Victoria Boutenko Green Smoothies daily, at least one soup or smoothie a day. Fresh green vegetable juices will also help you.

I usually do a smoothie / soup in the morning and eat it as I travel to work.

For dinner I make a pint of green vegetable juice with 25% celery, 25% cucumber, a couple carrots, and 50% leafy dark greens like kale, parsley, spinach, etc...

As I drink the juice, I prepare dinner. I make the next days lunch the same time I prepare dinner.

If you can do blended foods for a week with enemas in the morning, you will feel incredible!

In my green smoothies, I put in small amount of fruit, a spoonful of coconut oil, and I fill the rest of the blender with leafy greens.

The soups are similar with a small amount of fruit, large amount of leafy greens, and they have sea vegetables, either avocado or soaked nuts / seeds, (always flax seeds, sometimes sesame, sunflower, green pumpkin, hemp), ...

Below is the full recipe for Energy Soup as found in my e-Book.

If you would like I can go more in depth into these topics. Just leave a comment under this post.

Good luck and have a great day!

Mike Snyder

The Healing Crisis:

"You may feel worse before you begin to feel better...
The Road To Better Health may begin with a Healing Crisis
As you move toward better health with natural healing programs and better nutrition, healing begins to occur. As part of the healing process the body will begin to discard toxic residues which have built up in your body over the years.

The healing process usually does not occur without repercussions. During the initial phase of healing, as your body begins to clean house, (detoxify) and your vital energy begins to repair and rebuild internal organs, you may experience headache, uneasiness, flu like symptoms and fatigue.

It is important that you adequately rest during this time. These symptoms will pass as your body begins to normalize to a new level of health. As you continue to improve, you may begin a process called retracing. You may feel worse before you feel better.

For example, if you used to get skin rashes, the rashes may reappear or get worse for a period of time as your body eliminates toxins through the skin.

You may also experience an initial increase in urination, or you may feel more nervous. In actuality, you are not getting worse, you are actually getting better. Eventually you will reach a plateau of better health.

During the healing crisis, it is important to not suppress these temporary symptoms with drugs or the healing process may become interrupted.


Dr. Flora's version of Ann Wigmores Energy Soup Recipe quoted from The Health Evolution eBook

Energy Soup is the wonderful stuff that is instrumental in keeping me going for all hours of the day and night. Dr. Ann Wigmore taught it to me and fed me to keep me typing!

It is made from watermelon or apples in season (organic), about half a blender full, sometimes mangos and sometimes papaya, and half a blender of organic greens (dandelion, purslaine and lambsquarter were her favorites, but sunflower and buckwheat baby greens are easy to grow in just 7 days), and some figs (reconstituted or raw), and some more stuff.

If you wish, I'll write the whole recipe. This easiest to digest totally nourishing meal was perfect for Dr. Ann and I and for people who needed to regenerate their cells. Dr. Wigmore seemed to thrive on it and it put her in a space where she didn't need sleep anymore. I've watched people for nearly half a century now do amazing things with it.

I'll use it every day for the rest of my life. Dr. Lerman, who used to be Chief of Medical Nutrition at Boston University Medical Center, took my blood and Dr. Anns, and told me that my blood was perfect. One doesn't have to worry about not having what you need when you eat this blessed stuff.