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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Testimonial for Activated Liquid Zeolite

Hello friends,

Today I received a new testimonial for Activated Liquid Zeolite from La'Ren K. Antoine.

Testimonial of Improvements after taking Activated Liquid Zeolite

A life changing tool for me; it is all of the evidence I need that heavy metals and toxins do interfere with the body's natural defense systems. Experiencing first hand my body's healing, it is my hope to reach as many people as possible for optimal health and relief from debilitating conditions that might develop as a result of long
term accumulation of the unavoidable daily exposure to environmental toxins.

Albeit, there have been several improvements that I will emphasize in the latter half of this testimony, the most dramatic effects I have been privy to are relief from a chronic and painful skin condition that I have been afflicted with for nearly twenty years.

During that interval, I have seen every kind of doctor and specialist imaginable, ranging from MDs to dermatologists, internal medicine specialists, even chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and homeopaths. I have been given a variety of different diagnoses and tried a number of different medications and remedies, but I venture to say that nothing has given me lasting relief until now. Acupuncture and homeopaths appeared to offer a brief and temporary reduction of symptoms, but those stints were often followed by bouts of worsening causing significant agitation and subsequent discomfort. No health professional ever suggested I might have heavy metal poisoning.

I first developed a facial skin rash 19 years ago while on a trip to Australia after indulging in shellfish for two months; the rash gradually worsened over time until it afflicted my entire face and neck with as many as 60 – 100 pimples at one time. My skin was so unsightly that I was totally dependent on my foundation to make my way through every day life. I would not even allow my own parents to see me without my cosmetics, nonetheless my significant partner and/or friends. My face was bright red with purple scars and painful eruptions; the surface was dry, bumpy, and cracked while the under part was full of inflamed boils.

Suffering daily for years, I could not get home from work fast enough to cleanse my face and remove my make up; I would immediately put cold compresses on my face while laying flat on my back choking on my own tears. It affected not only my self esteem, but my lifestyle. I was not able to wear scarves, turtle necks, pullover sweatshirts or sweaters; I would not attend overnight trips or campouts; I did not go snorkeling or scuba diving unless I had immediate access to a powder room. I went through life with my head down and was constantly putting my hands or hair in front of my face for refuge. I saw no way to break the cycle.

My skin was tight, sore and would constantly ache and some times burn; it was an agonizing condition that would often awaken me at night and reduce me to sobs.

After four months on the product, my skin became the clearer than it had been in nearly two decades indicating that the condition was a result of heavy metal poisoning as the activated liquid zeolite only removes heavy metals and toxins. The healing was miraculous when I boosted my dose from five drops at three times per day to thirty drops at four times per day.

Today I am taking only ten drops four to five times per day. Every day my skin is continuing to improve. I also put the product on my skin topically twice per day by placing one or two drops in a dollop of facial serum. After only six months on activated liquid zeolite, I had no signs of any new breakouts and was pain free for the first time in years. I would not have ever thought it possible; in fact I had surrendered myself to a lifetime of painful and aggravated skin and did my best to be thankful I did not have a more serious health concern.

Besides the improvement in my facial skin, the skin on my body has shown remarkable changes as well. I had a wart on the underside of my toe that literally fell away. My scars on my entire body and face have faded dramatically.

I had purple scars both on my face from the years of my breakout and on my body from varying injuries and burns; all of my scars are nearly unidentifiable today. My skin is smooth for the first time in decades and I am not ashamed to be seen without my makeup. I even go to the grocery store and laundry room without wearing cosmetics of any kind.

I cook dinner for my partner without it; even when my breakouts were at a minimum, I would not fathom such a thought as my face was chronically red, swollen, dry, cracking, all atop a purple scarred landscape. Today, my face appears to have only uneven faded freckled patches; there is no redness, no swelling, no purple, and most importantly no pain. Every day, my facial skin tone seems to be improving; it is smooth and soft today instead of bumpy and sore.

I had chronic peeling of my feet; they would peel if I did not keep them constantly moisturized by wearing socks to bed with lotion on. The peeling completely disappeared about three months in to taking the product. I have not had to sleep with bed socks and lotion all of the while.

To top it off, I have an amazing amount of energy. I am extremely productive no longer having to take afternoon naps. I am sleeping better than I have in my entire life. I used to wake up three to four times in the course of the night to urinate and experienced many restless nights. I do not have to get up even once any more. I used to suffer from bad dreams; those too have acquiesced. Another incredible gift has been the absence of menstrual cramps. I used to suffer terribly, now my period is barely perceptible.

I am completely off of any pain medication for the cramps which I never imagined possible. I should note that my first period on the activated liquid zeolite was one of the worst that I can recall, but subsequent to that, they have all been negligible. I used to be doubled over with cramps and/or nausea. As of late, my monthly cycle does not interfere with my life on any level. Additionally, I used to suffer from severe back and neck pain which required regular visits to the chiropractor and hanging on an inversion table one to two times each day. My pain has been so benign that I have stopped my regular appointments and have not needed my inversion table since I began the product.

The changes to my well being seem endless; when I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with colitis.

Refusing surgery, I completely changed my lifestyle and my diet. Irregardless, I have dealt with issues of constipation my entire life and experienced regular bleeding from my rectum. The bleeding has totally ceased as has the constipation; I have regular bowel movements for the first time ever. Additionally, for the past few years, I experienced chronic ear infections and suffered from vertigo on a regular basis. Sometimes the dizziness would cause me to fall. I applied the drops directly in to my ear for three days and I have not had the ear infections return and no longer suffer vertigo. I was also apt to experience irritability. I have been in better spirits than in a long time.

Granted, I am not in constant pain any more and my self esteem has improved, but beyond that I feel more peace within and am not subject to the moodiness I used to feel that I would attribute to low blood sugar.

My allergies to sulphur and sulphites have completely disappeared. I would break out upon any exposure no matter how subtle. Today, I can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with no lasting repercussions of a breakout that could take up to two months to heal. I can visit the volcanic sulphur pools with no worry that I will come out looking and feeling like an alien monster with one hundred plus pimples on my face.

I can only imagine what is occurring on a cellular level to manifest such changes on the physical realm. I have experienced many improvements in my health in such a short time and while all remarkable, the changes to my skin cannot be assigned a value. I have spent just under $20,000 in my efforts to find a solution for my skin over the past two decades. None have proved fruitful until now; once a skeptic that any product could bring me relief, I am a believer in the power of the body to heal itself if given the chance.

While none of my conditions have been life threatening, I have witnessed healing in friends, family, and even pets that had far greater health issues than did I, ranging from fibromyalgia, diabetes, a brain tumor, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, to limes disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. I am grateful for the introduction of this product not only to help with existing conditions but for its place in prevention as well. It is a true testament to how amazing the human body is when it can work at optimal levels, free of the inhibitions of the accumulated and daily exposure to heavy metals and toxins.

The Abbreviated Version
La'Ren Antoine – results after taking activated liquid zeolite

After suffering from a painful chronic skin affliction of nearly two decades, my skin
has cleared up in less than a year and is no longer painful, dry, red, swollen, and bumpy, but is smooth, soft, and almost scar free. A number of other improvements have included sound sleep, regular digestion, fading of bodily scars, reduction of menstrual, back, and neck pain, increased energy, relief from vertigo, and the elimination of allergies. This product has changed the way I live my life; I am free to do the things I always wanted to do.

To learn more about Activated Liquid Zeolite, give me a call at 503-771-3904 and ask for Mike Snyder. You may also visit the zeolite companies website by clicking here.

Click Here for an article about activated liquid zeolite by Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

Please let me know if I can be of further service. Have a wonderful day!


Mike Snyder
Portland, Oregon

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